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Siobhan B., Jonathan W., Alon R., and Tim C.
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Monday Afternoon, 5 PM - 6 PM
KDVS, 90.3 MHz FM
<velolution90 DOT 3 AT gmail DOT com>
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Show Description: We are a Public Affairs show on KDVS that deals with all things bike.
We will feature weekly news items such as rides being planned, Critical mass announcements, Davis Bicycles announcements, etc.
Each week we will have a major focus item as well (see below), and the show will end with a call in time (last 15 min) for listeners with bike related questions (even mechanical ones! Ted and Siobhan are both Ministers at the Bike Church).

Contact Davis City Council at [WWW]

Feel Free to email us questions and bike related news items/announcements- and we will do our best to include them in the show!

Upcoming shows, 2008:

Date Topic Guest(s) Notes Right click and save
Mon, Dec 31 Unicycling across the U.S. and Bike Porn Gracie Sorello and Rev Phil 5:10 - 5:20: the [WWW] an indie film about pornography (bikes, human and both); 5:20 - 5:45: crossing the U.S. on a unicycle—North Carolina to Washington State. [WWW] [WWW]X
Mon, Jan 7 Bicycling at UC Davis David Takemoto-Weerts The UC Davis Bicycle Coordinator will talk to us about bicycling on campus, the bike museum, and other topics [WWW]X
Mon, Jan 14 Little Wing Guest DJ — music We're *both* out of town! [WWW]X
Mon, Jan 21 Focus The Nation Suanne and Clara Jan 31 is a national day of action against global warming. Camille will tell us Davis's plans and how you can get involved in solving this global problem [WWW]X
Mon, Jan 28 . . . [WWW]X
Mon, Feb 4 . . . [WWW]X
Mon, Feb 11 . . . [WWW]X
Mon, Feb 18 . . . [WWW]X
Mon, Feb 25 . . . [WWW]X

2007 Shows:

Date Topic Guest(s) Notes Right click and save
Mon, Oct 8 Intro to Bike Culture in Davis Siobhan and Ted (your hosts!) Intro to the show, talk about bike programs and issues in Davis, plans for future shows, and we crack jokes [WWW]Download
Mon, Oct 15 Riding Across Mexico Pxl and Mike S. Mike and Pxl rode from Tucson to Chiapas last winter. Listen to their stories! [WWW]Download
Mon, Oct 22 Davis Cycling and the Family Tom Burton, Becca and Lucie Issues surrounding family and children cycling in Davis [WWW]Download
Mon, Oct 29 Bike Church and Bike Kitchen Jeffery Rosenthal and Owen Howlitt (Bike Kitchen), the Rev. Jason (Bike Church) What does it take to run a volunteer bike shop/school? And basically how cool they are [WWW]Download
Mon, Nov 5 Tales of Urban Cycling Tom Denton and Bill Breslin Davis is little, so we'll talk to some mid- and large- city cyclers to compare/contrast/improve, Tom and Bill were also messengers so a bit o' that as well [WWW]Download
Mon, Nov 12 Bamboo Bikes! and Calfee Designs Craig Calfee, [WWW]Download
Mon, Nov 19 Intercity bike commuting Paul Erickson What is it like commuting from Woodland to Davis by bike? [WWW]Download
Mon, Nov 26 Riding Across America Derek Downey and Sarah Derek normally restricts himself to merely towing 600 lbs of Black Gold across campus in a bike trailer. But last summer he went hog wild and... [WWW]Download
Mon, Dec 3 Davis-Woodland E-Way/Bikeway Tom Cosgrove Plans for a bikepath from Davis to Woodland have been floated for many years, but never built. Now Tom Cosgrove from Lincoln is proposing a path for bikes and GEM cars [WWW]Download
Mon, Dec 10 Bikes and the City of Davis Tara Goddard Tara is the *new* city Bike Coordinator. So we`ll find out a) what that job entails, and b) what her plans/visions are for the future of Davis, The City of Bicycles [WWW]Download
Mon, Dec 17 Focus the Nation, Yard Waste Camille and Isabella Kirk Focus the Nation is a university-wide teach-in on Jan 31st. Plan to ride or take transit that day, and challenge a friend who usually drives to do the same! Isabella told us where she likes to bike, what color her bike is, whether her mom ever drives a car, etc. (Short show—preempted by Girls Basketball) [WWW]Download
Mon, Dec 24 Guest DJ Jessica Rockwell . . [WWW]X


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2007-10-16 02:23:26   We had a great time on the air yesterday with Mike and Pxl. I'd love to have any comments or suggestions on how we run the show or additional topics.

In theory, you can listen to our past shows at the website. Can anyone provide instructions on how to do this? Thanks, Ted Buehler —TedBuehler

2007-10-16 11:30:37   The streams and archives are temporarily down right now while the back-end of the KDVS website gets revamped. But once that get's working and once the programming schedule gets updated with your show name instead of "KDVS Public Affairs," you'll click on "Velolution," which will take you to your specific show page, and on the left-hand side there will be a streaming link. You can make it play in iTunes, Winamp or almost anything you want. —ElisaHough

2007-10-29 21:48:33   The show is on the grid now and the stream works. —ScottMorgan

"2007-11-28 14:34:00"   Being on your show was really fun..thanks for having us! Ted and Siobhan are awesome radio hosts and people! —DerekDowney

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