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 * Final pictures can be picked up 7-10 business days after orders are placed or are mailed within 3 weeks. Final pictures will have an annoying, super sticky sticker on the back of each picture.  * Final pictures can be picked up 7-10 business days after orders are placed or are mailed within 3 weeks. Final prints are copyrighted and have a copyright sicker on the back.
501 K Street
Mon-Fri 10AM-6PM
Payment Method
Cash, Check, Visa, Mastercard

V.I.P. Portraits, aka V.I.P. Studios Photography, is a professional photography studio. A large part of their clients are students from UCD taking senior portraits but they take pictures for all life celebrations and occasions and are willing to travel. V.I.P. Studios used to be the place for seniors to go and take their portrait for the yearbook for free. V.I.P. Studios Photography has photographed thousands of UCD seniors. To make an appointment for UCD senior portraits, log onto For all other types of appointments, call the studio directly.

How Does It Work?


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2007-06-09 23:08:32   Getting the proofs and my first order was quick and timely just as they said. I put in reorders mid-May. I called yesterday and apparently they'll be ready in JULY. Not 7-10 business days but 7-10 WEEKS. They'll be nice the first time but screw you over the second. And they're incredibly expensive. Now that people do not have to go to them for yearbook pictures, I suggest shopping around or borrowing friend's old cap and gowns and taking your own pictures. —JoAnnaRich

2007-08-14 15:21:33   This place sucks. The main photographer does not know how to take pictures. She counts on luck to get the decent pictures. They're over priced! Highly do not recommend. Sears Portraits, J.C Penny or even Walmart is better and cheaper than this place!!! They charged me $50 claiming that I did not returned my proofs, when I PERSONALLY walked it in! B.S Studios is what this place should be called. —Sam

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