Valley-Wise Garden


herro.jpgPhoto by Allan Jones.

The Ruth Risdon Storer Garden is a Valley-wise garden, featuring flowering perennials and small shrubs that
are especially well suited to Central Valley gardens, including many Arboretum All-Stars, recommended
plants for Valley-wise gardens. It is designed for year-round color with low water use and low maintenance,
and features a demonstration planting of roses and companion plants. Educational exhibits highlight the
principles of sustainable gardening. The garden is named for Dr. Ruth Storer, Yolo County’s
first pediatrician and an avid gardener. The Valley-Wise Garden
is located just north east of the Arboretum gazebo.

Valley_Wise_Garden_Sign.JPG photo.jpg tulipa clusiana.JPGTupila clusiana 'Lady Jane'. Photo by Mia Ingolia Bald_Agave.JPGOne of the many plants in the garden

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2007-11-29 19:29:31   This is my very favorite place in the Arboretum. It is always blooming and pretty to walk around and enjoy, valley-wise or not. —ChristyMarsden

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