Valley Oak Orthopaedics

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2031 Anderson Road, Suite A
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(530) 757-3700
Andrew T. Brooks, M.D.
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2011-05-20 08:40:40   I saw Dr. Barry at Valley Oak Ortho, and found him to be patronizing and unhelpful. His office staff as well was slow to answer questions I had. Even a very specific question I needed to have answered regarding a medical procedure I was having was answered with "Don't worry, the doctor knows what he is doing," instead of addressing my question. Dr. Barry's only advice was to "exercise more" - without even asking about my exercise history at all (before the injury, I was walking several miles per day and biking, etc). If you are looking for someone to talk to you like you're a seven year old, then see Dr. Barry. If you're looking for actual medical advice, don't bother. —TRex

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