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The [WWW]Merriam-Webster dictionary defines vegan as:

Vegan Basics

For information on being vegan, eating advice, recipes and a listing of almost every American vegan product on the market (not limited to food) you may find [WWW]Vegan Basics (Guide)(PDF file) useful. It's designed for any person who is curious of the vegan lifestyle and offers a comprehensive list of foods that are vegan and "accidentally vegan" (products which were not intended to be vegan but are vegan by their ingredients). It was project that PeteHernandez worked on at [WWW]Viva!USA.

Vegan Restaurant Options

see also vegetarian restaurants

Free Vegan Food

Vegan on the Cheap/ Fast Food Vegan

Vegan shopping in Davis

Vegan recipes/cookbooks

Vegan Bum-Outs

Vegan advice

[WWW]Vegan Basics (Guide) has a ton of helpful advice for beginning vegans.

Products to be mindful of:



Famous Davis Vegans

Check out [WWW]VivaUSA! an animal rights organization based out of Davis!

Vegan Poems

Sweet, Sweet Appetizer by MichaelGiardina
Primal rage is the strangest vegan salad.
It’s nothing extraordinary, slightly superstitious, and
indefinable by meat-loving company who fear the ingredients.
So, my guilt intensifies, so slick with sweat, afraid
The tofu will slip from their grasp when they squeeze.
The food falling crashes through salad forests, echoes
through the lawn, and police reports are filed when my brush rustles.
They think I have tried to kill them, so I run northwest on a curve
Hoping they won’t follow the trail of turmeric root.
But I am a creature of many senses, trying to cut them off,
force them out to the more and better. These are my opportunities
for attack, striking before they understand.
It’s primordial survival, instinct. I don’t need to think for this
quiet military action of my eye spying telltale trouble.
My backpack is filled with veggies, dangerous weapons that
Demand retreat. Unfortunately my guests were not fast enough
to overtake the unknown enemy, to retreat. I fire.
He tried the gluten. This time he fires. Twice into the brush.
Man down. He misses, for I am so full of sunlight that I blind.
They always leave badly wounded, muscles aching, soul singed,
heart thumping, surprised to hear that I had secretly sautéed
a few jumbo shrimp into that tasty little mix.
Sweet danger, unknown variety of disturbing weeds.


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I'd be open to adding some recipes or food recommendations - have a few of those and I'm sure others do too. — CristinaDeptula

2005-03-13 20:12:54   Just as Vegetarians endure going through mainstream menus and food-listings to figure out what they can eat, Vegans have to go through Vegetarian menus to figure out what they can eat. I am sympathetic to a seperate Vegan list, provided it really focused on what options Vegans have in Davis. At the outset it would seem to be a pretty small list, but I think some vegans are very creative and perhaps could share some of that creativity here. —JaimeRaba

2005-03-13 20:18:17   Try the Delta of Venus - they have some wonderful tofu dishes and sandwiches. Also the samosas and the empanadas at the Co-Op are vegan, and you can substitute hummus for cheese in some sandwiches and dips. And there's a wonderful product called the "Egg Replacer" available at the Co-Op, which I would get even if I were not vegan since it's powdered and in a cardboard box. There's no risk that it will make a huge mess all over the sidewalk if my shopping bag were to break while I carried it home on my bike, as real eggs could. —CristinaDeptula

2005-03-23 04:34:55   at least someone's being productive. i take back 10% of the mean things i've ever said about vegans. —ArlenAbraham

2005-05-16 03:46:55   Hey guys. I used to live in Mountain View, where a small little vegan restaurant existed that served mimicked beef, pork, and pretty much every other meat. The consistency of the sweet and sour pork was amazingly close to real pork, a little chewie but soft... some grisle-like material on the inside. The beef was long and slender like broccoli beef. I've heard people say this is made from tofu, others from gluten. Could someone explain how they make these tasty fake meats. Is it possible to make them at home in your own kitchen? I'd love to try.—MichaelGiardina

2006-04-20 10:13:09   Actually the empanadas at the co-op are NOT vegan; they have butter in the crust. They've been carrying vegan tamales, and the samosas as well as a variety of the salads (and usually half of the lunch buffet) are vegan. Also if you're looking for a butter substitute, go and get Earth Balance. Doesn't even taste like a substitute. —EmmaCoats(vegan by association)

2006-08-12 16:52:05   If the Hot Food Line at the CoHo doesn't have a vegan option, our black beans, refried beans, tortillas, and spanish rice have all been confirmed vegan. Once you take the cheese out, our vegetarian burritos are also vegan by default. In addition, during the school year, our salad bar (duh) is an option, and the tofu salad was just recently changed to use veganaise instead of mayonaise. No word on the bread in the sandwiches or the bagels yet, but I will look into them. —TaylorMoseley

2006-12-20 13:39:11   I'm not sure if it's worth its own section, but I have questions about specific items at restaurants being vegan. Most pizza can be done vegan without cheese, but some place sneak cheezy bits into the sauce. Anyone know where it's ok? And do any pizza places offer soy or vegan cheezes? Does anyone have any other questions about the veganality of items that a restaurant employee, owner, or regular customer could answer? —ScottWeintraub

2007-02-10 18:50:29   Cenario's makes vegan pizza if you ask them to. They take out the cheese and fool around with the veggie pizza. —VictoriaGimpelevich

2009-01-16 12:25:09   Most days, the Coffee House Bakery has a vegan treat for sale. It's usually one of their jam "Bozo Bars" or peanut butter rice krispie treats, but sometimes they have vegan fudge bars. Yum! (The fudge bars contain coconut, so if that's one of your foods to avoid, be aware.) —LizPhillips

2009-06-03 20:55:25   how about the veg burrito (no cheese or sour cream of course) at Del Taco... and I think that the Guad is now making their rice with vegetable stock instead of chicken stock. —NicoletteD

2010-02-07 19:20:52   John Natsoulas Gallery Cafe now has vegan potato knishes/rustic pies. They have a cornstarch glaze, not egg. They also offer delicious gluten-free/vegan chocolate chip cookies, as well as raspberry-spelt vegan scones. —RuthFankushen

2010-08-05 20:18:35   Davis Noodle City is listed under Vegan Restaurant Options as having rice noodles, and it's also listed under Vegan Bum-Outs as having only egg noodles. Someone should find out the solution to this contradiction next time he/she visits DNC. —TheShah

2010-08-05 22:51:39   This page is Glines status —StevenDaubert

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