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Any time someone says they're getting a pizza and they invariably say they're going to Woodstock's or Pizza Guys my heart sinks. Fools. --["Users/SteveKent"]<br> + ------<br> + ''2006-01-25 13:06:46'' [[nbsp]] Great bread too. For $2.25 you can get a large loaf of asiago bread or garlic parmasean. Great for low budget eating/food. --["Users/AdamYergovich"]<br> + ------<br> + ''2006-03-27 12:52:37'' [[nbsp]] the best pizza in davis. no other place is even half as good. they have a meal deal where you get a slice of pizza (cheese, pepperoni, or veggie) a bottled drink and a salad for around 4 bucks. The bread is also quite good here, and the long french and sourdough baguettes for two bucks each is quite a deal. --["Users/MattHh"]<br> + ------<br> + ''2006-05-16 08:51:30'' [[nbsp]] Village Bakery's pizza by the slice is awesome. And cheap too. I come here to get a few slices for lunch often. I've yet to try any of their other baked products, but they look great and it's only a matter of time. I think this place blows Woodstocks and Steve's out of the water, as far as pizza is concerned. --["Users/AdamSchneider"]<br> + ------<br> + ''2006-06-19 15:41:57'' [[nbsp]] Okay a couple more comments: They just finished the completion of their oven. The pizza crust is even better now, it's much cripier on the bottom now. Also the funky, bohemian service is fun. My girlfirend went in for a loaf of Challah, but when they were out they felt so bad they gave her a free loaf of wheat. Great customer service, and great pizza. --["Users/CharlesGeorge"]<br> + ------<br> + ''2006-07-30 22:54:36'' [[nbsp]] No other pizza in Davis can compare... and they have some awesome desserts too --["Users/JonathanCrilly"]<br> + ------<br> + ''2006-08-27 22:21:52'' [[nbsp]] The crust on the pizzas here is like, otherworldly. I mean, I suspect that they've got some sort of "beast" lurking in the basement that's fed with grape must and some special organic flour that's harvested by elves... Although some might consider this to be "wrong"...what I personally enjoy is the artichoke heart, goat cheese, kalamata olive and garlic pizza with pepperoni added on...there might be spinach present too.... (and I think they've raised prices to fifteen dollars per pizza ?) --["Users/DianaChristofersen"]<br> + ------<br> + ''2006-08-27 22:58:49'' [[nbsp]] Awesome pizza. Good muffins, too. --["Users/CameronMenezes"]<br> + ------<br> + ''2006-09-06 20:26:37'' [[nbsp]] I'll third the artichoke pizza comment. It was surprisingly good. It's not cheaper than safeway, but if you gotta go to a restaurant i'll give this a thumbs up --["Users/JimmyPan"]<br> + ------<br> + ''2006-09-21 20:39:37'' [[nbsp]] Their pizza crust is good, and I like their toppings, but there's something weird about their cheese. It has no elasticity, and tends to get gooey rather than browned. I don't remember it being this way until recenctly, but I may not have noticed before. Wait.... as of October 19th, this comment no longer holds. The cheese is back to normal again. I suspect they were experimenting with part-skim cheese near the end of the summer, and are now back at whole milk mozzarella. Can anyone verify? --["Users/CraigBrozinsky"]<br> + ------<br> + ''2006-10-25 22:12:20'' [[nbsp]] Definitely the best pizza I have had in Davis so far. My favorite is the #3 roasted bell pepper. In addiion, I had a lactose intolerant friend visiting and we had one of their pizzas without any cheese. It was quite excellent - maybe better than any of their other pizzas. --["Users/JonathanEisen"]<br> + ------<br> + ''2006-12-02 20:25:06'' [[nbsp]] I hate to say it, but there has been too much cheese for about the past 1/2 year. Mozzarella cheese does not please. Still the best slice, but bring back the old days of thin baked crust and not much cheese. Pretty please? --["Users/JeffShaw"]<br> + ------<br> + ''2006-12-11 22:37:53'' [[nbsp]] I had BAD luck with their pizza. Ordered 5 pizza's to be delivered for a party. They arrived 45 minutes late, cold and worst of all, 4 of the 5 pizzas were burnt and inedible! This was last summer so maybe they were just having a bad day or perhaps it's the delivery service but I've heard the same thing from several other folks. --["Users/DavisWheeler"]<br> + ------<br> + ''2006-12-21 17:06:24'' [[nbsp]] This pizza ranks among the best California has to offer. Try a half Greek/half Artichoke, extra red sauce. Yow! --["Users/TimQuick"]</span> </td> </tr> </table> </div>