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''2008-02-28 09:38:28'' [[nbsp]] I love this place! I'm pretty snooty when it comes to breads and I wholeheartedly approve and praise any of their daily baked, superfresh breads. Oh, and the pizza is definitely the best in Davis (and actually in a lot of places I've been to for that matter). --["Users/AmberHMa"]

villagebakery.jpgThe view from Second Street

814 2nd Street near Pasta? and the Train Station
Mon-Sat 5:30AM - 9:00PM, Sun 11:30AM - 8:00PM
Taking orders for pizza: Mon - Sat 11:00AM - 8:30PM, Sun 11:30AM - 7:30PM
(No deliveries on Sundays)
(530) 750-2255
Aziz Fattahi

Village Bakery makes excellent bread, pastries, and pizza. Located in a quaint hole in the wall right across from the Amtrak Station, the bakery's storefront easily goes unnoticed. There are three indoor tables and four outside, providing plenty of pleasant seating outside.

2_edited.jpgAlyssa Olenberg, Faithful Employee

Pizza can be bought by the slice from 11am-closing; this may be the best pizza in all of Davis, they also deliver, but make sure to specify credit card when ordering. Slices are large and cost $2.00 for cheese or pepperoni and $2.25 for vegetarian. There is usually a cheese, a, pepperoni and some sort of vegetable combination (Vegetarian or Eggplant or any other veggie combo). This is excellent Cheap Food. Sometimes late in the day (i.e. dinner time) they will be sold out of pizza in the rotating glass case, in which case one should ask for another of (fill in the type) to be made and it can probably be made in around five minutes unless the pizza slaves are experiencing some sort of terrible nightmare of a rush in the back (case in point the night of January 5, 2007).

Village_Bakery_Spafford.JPGThe commercial baking facility, designed by Scott Neeley Architecture

Village Bakery provides the bread for the South Davis Nugget, some of which is wrapped with paper bags reading "Village Bakery", others which have Nugget bags which match the Village Bakery ones. The Bakery's bread can also be bought onsite or at the Davis Food Co-op a couple of blocks away, or in Sacramento at [WWW]Taylor's Market on Freeport Boulevard. Village Bakery supplies bread to a number of local restaurants, including buns for the HotDogger, Delta of Venus, G Street Pub's Enzo's, Chef's Market, Mishka's Cafe and Pasta as well as all the Pluto's locations. They also supply pastries to Chamonix. In the summer of 2005, Village Bakery opened a baking facility on Spafford Street in Mace Ranch, and relocated all of the commercial baking from downtown, freeing up the downtown location to focus on counter service and pizza. The Spafford location does not have a customer counter.

The Village Bakery also has an espresso machine which has made the bakery a popular spot for train riders to get some caffeine before or after their trip. To accompany coffee are various muffins, pastries, and linzer tortes. Their Napoleons are filled with custard and are much easier to eat than traditional Napoleons because they are bun-shaped instead of rectangular.

Plus the wait staff is really hot and they deliver.

village-amtrak.jpgVillage Bakery pizza, pretty much the best thing ever while waiting for a late Amtrak train Pizza Menu (baked - take n bake - by the slice) These prices are after tax.

  1. Cheese - with optional parmesan cheese & dry herb ($14)

  2. Pepperoni - Tasty, they are ($14)

  3. Roasted Bell Pepper - with goat cheese ($16)

  4. Veggie - roasted red bell pepper, onion, zucchini, feta ($16)

  5. Eggplant - with onion, Kalamata olive, feta ($16)

  6. Greek - Kalamata olive, feta cheese, fresh basil, tomato (note: does not include mozzarella unless otherwise specified) ($16)

  7. Supreme - Create a combination, up to 3 toppings ($16)

  8. Artichoke - with crushed garlic, olives, and goat cheese ($16)

  9. Chicken - roasted chicken, roasted onions on white sauce ($16)

  10. Sausage - with optional Kalamata olive or mushrooms ($16)

Greek Salad - Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, feta, & olives (small - $3) Choice of Lemon Oil or Caesar Dressing

Large 14" pizza. Each extra topping $1.00. Delivery charge $3...this charge, however, is not a tip...that is separate. A good tip is $4...a $7 tip has been scientifically proven to make the delivery drivers love and worship you forever. Delivery is available after 5PM.


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2005-12-13 16:16:23   Mmm. Me likee. —JeffShaw

2005-12-14 12:57:59   I highly recommend the garlic, kalamata olive and goat cheese pizza. —JenndelaVega

2006-01-09 11:43:04   NY style pizza, possibly the best in town, Even managed to make a fan out of my pizza snob New Yorker girlfriend. :) —CharlesGeorge

2006-01-25 12:37:56   Best pizza in Davis bar none. 2 slices of their cheese pizza fresh out of the oven = heaven. Any time someone says they're getting a pizza and they invariably say they're going to Woodstock's or Pizza Guys my heart sinks. Fools. —SteveKent

2006-01-25 13:06:46   Great bread too. For $2.25 you can get a large loaf of asiago bread or garlic parmasean. Great for low budget eating/food. —AdamYergovich

2006-03-27 12:52:37   the best pizza in davis. no other place is even half as good. they have a meal deal where you get a slice of pizza (cheese, pepperoni, or veggie) a bottled drink and a salad for around 4 bucks. The bread is also quite good here, and the long french and sourdough baguettes for two bucks each is quite a deal. —MattHh

2006-05-16 08:51:30   Village Bakery's pizza by the slice is awesome. And cheap too. I come here to get a few slices for lunch often. I've yet to try any of their other baked products, but they look great and it's only a matter of time. I think this place blows Woodstocks and Steve's out of the water, as far as pizza is concerned. —AdamSchneider

2006-06-19 15:41:57   Okay a couple more comments: They just finished the completion of their oven. The pizza crust is even better now, it's much cripier on the bottom now. Also the funky, bohemian service is fun. My girlfirend went in for a loaf of Challah, but when they were out they felt so bad they gave her a free loaf of wheat. Great customer service, and great pizza. —CharlesGeorge

2006-07-30 22:54:36   No other pizza in Davis can compare... and they have some awesome desserts too —JonathanCrilly

2006-08-27 22:21:52   The crust on the pizzas here is like, otherworldly. I mean, I suspect that they've got some sort of "beast" lurking in the basement that's fed with grape must and some special organic flour that's harvested by elves... Although some might consider this to be "wrong"...what I personally enjoy is the artichoke heart, goat cheese, kalamata olive and garlic pizza with pepperoni added on...there might be spinach present too.... (and I think they've raised prices to fifteen dollars per pizza ?) —DianaChristofersen

2006-08-27 22:58:49   Awesome pizza. Good muffins, too. —CameronMenezes

2006-09-06 20:26:37   I'll third the artichoke pizza comment. It was surprisingly good. It's not cheaper than safeway, but if you gotta go to a restaurant i'll give this a thumbs up —JimmyPan

2006-09-21 20:39:37   Their pizza crust is good, and I like their toppings, but there's something weird about their cheese. It has no elasticity, and tends to get gooey rather than browned. I don't remember it being this way until recenctly, but I may not have noticed before. Wait.... as of October 19th, this comment no longer holds. The cheese is back to normal again. I suspect they were experimenting with part-skim cheese near the end of the summer, and are now back at whole milk mozzarella. Can anyone verify? —CraigBrozinsky

2006-10-25 22:12:20   Definitely the best pizza I have had in Davis so far. My favorite is the #3 roasted bell pepper. In addiion, I had a lactose intolerant friend visiting and we had one of their pizzas without any cheese. It was quite excellent - maybe better than any of their other pizzas. —JonathanEisen

2006-12-02 20:25:06   I hate to say it, but there has been too much cheese for about the past 1/2 year. Mozzarella cheese does not please. Still the best slice, but bring back the old days of thin baked crust and not much cheese. Pretty please? —JeffShaw

2006-12-11 22:37:53   I had BAD luck with their pizza. Ordered 5 pizza's to be delivered for a party. They arrived 45 minutes late, cold and worst of all, 4 of the 5 pizzas were burnt and inedible! This was last summer so maybe they were just having a bad day or perhaps it's the delivery service but I've heard the same thing from several other folks. —DavisWheeler

2006-12-21 17:06:24   This pizza ranks among the best California has to offer. Try a half Greek/half Artichoke, extra red sauce. Yow! —TimQuick

2007-01-17 18:35:18   oh goodness i had a very yumzy pizza the other went something like this: 1/2 tomato sauce + 1/2 pesto + spoonful of garlic, then spinach, then a little bit of mozzarella, then goat cheese and sliced roasted red bell peppers and lemon juice sprinkled generously over the top....let me assure you that this is yumville —LexiHudson

2007-02-11 17:56:50   I had their vegetarian pizza and I like the toppings they had on there. —SimonFung

2007-02-12 19:52:04   ~19 posts about the pizza, and only 1 about the asiago (yellow italian cheese) bread. Please order a loaf of asiago ($2.25), ask for it to be sliced, drop the change in the tip cup, go home and toast a few slices, listen to the cheese sizzle, enjoy the rest of your day/night/life. —DanielSong

2007-03-08 21:55:39   I just wish they were open later! —MaggieJacoby

Pretty sure the hours here need to be checked, I was there this night and they seemed to be closing more around eleven, though their kitchen was of course closed prior, I don't think it was eight? I will get back with details. ~Davepoole

2007-03-09 18:57:15   yeah, its really supposed to close at 8:30 (and last pizza really should be ordered at or before 8) the wiki - it tells no lies! —LexiHudson

2007-03-24 23:25:45   This is my absolute favorite pizza joint! I will miss Village Bakery dearly when I leave Davis =[ —JacobWright

2007-04-01 00:39:50   when the village bakery is closed on a saturday night it's like chopping onions on a cold mountain that aren't roasted ya worry a pizza you is gone —Frenchie

2007-04-10 17:31:58   Yum. —TusharRawat

2007-04-19 13:06:49   sooo good. the best pizza in davis. prices are very reasonable. the pastries are good too! especially the heart cookies, chocolate cake and the fruit tarts. the bread is yummy too, but if you go too late they usually sell out of their more popular breads. Village bakery breads can also be bought at the farmers market, and the food Co-op always has their bread. —AmyYang

2007-05-02 20:40:21   Let's just say that it's very hard to pass anywhere in the general vicinity of this place and not stop in for a quick slice of pizza. Love the vegetable pizza. And now I am starting to think that I prefer the plain (cheese and sauce) pizza — sometimes, nothing hits the spot like the basic food, and VB does it really well. Muffins, etc., are great too. —CovertProfessor

2007-05-28 18:28:54   fact: this is the best pizza ever! —WhitneyMartinez

2007-06-27 08:59:24   The vegetarian pizza is awesome, the crust is delicious, their breads are great with some cheese, hummus and mead. I need to try their desserts but this is a great bakery place. —DavidPoole

2007-07-19 18:42:24   Very Very good pizza and for some reason there employees are friendly i was shocked not use to being treated good by employees anymore this place is the very best of both worlds great pizza and great desserts —dickjones

2007-07-23 19:14:33   I'm a believer. For NY Pizza, I rank Village Bakery the best over Woodstock and Giovinni (Sacramento). —atwong

2007-08-03 14:39:03   Pizza is great of course the more grease the more i like i will be back! also great desserts —Brians

2007-08-17 22:55:26   Sausage is link slices, and spicy in the right way! I love the olives too, they are much more tasty then your typical olive —StevenDaubert

2007-08-19 15:44:13   I would really like a slice right now. Too bad it's Sunday. =[ —EmilyTung

2007-08-20 16:40:55   Don't forget to pick up some of their sourdough rolls at the Saturday Farmer's Market! —LizPhillips

2007-08-26 15:44:37   Being from NY, I can say this is the best pizza in California, even better than Extreme Pizza or Escape From NY Pizza. It might be the second best pizza in the country, in my humble opinion. (The best being the pizza at Talk of the Town in Glens Falls, NY) —ElisaWeller

2007-09-15 18:58:23   Village bakery is great, but they are not consistent with hours

numerous times now I've tried to order pizzas around 7 to be told they are closing early.

Really a joy killer —StevenDaubert

2007-11-29 13:25:59   They have really good bread. It's organic, stays fresh for days, and is cheaper than supermarket bread. —kristineg

2007-12-24 21:00:18   One of the best bakeries in the area, and one of the best pizzas around. Great prices too! —thelonepiper555

2008-01-16 16:47:26   For a long time the foccacia supplied to stores was coming in a bag that specified the contents both as "1 pound" and as "14 oz" (2 oz short of a pound). I found this distressing. Probably this says more about me, but I bet that's no defense with the FTC. The foccacia's pretty tasty, incidentally. —oliverevilo

2008-01-22 20:14:10   great pizza and asiago bread 9/10 —KaiWan

2008-01-24 22:30:04   YES! this is the BEST pizza place in davis. I crave their cheese pizza on a regular basis!!! if i'm in a bad mood their pizza always cheers me up. the guys that work in there are super nice and really friendly. i love everything about this place and would recommend it to anyone. :) —kaymac

2008-02-01 19:20:09   Yummy, yummy pizza. They might want to change their voice message on the answering machine though. It says that they're closed until Jan. 5th...of next year? —GabeDavis

2008-02-01 20:56:34   This pizza is fantastic. The best in Davis and really reasonably priced! When I went in tonight, there was a #11 listed on the menu board. It was some sort of spinach-pesto pizza. Does anyone know if this is a regular menu item or is it a special? —havanese

2008-02-10 20:16:12   This place is awesome. I'm here nearly everyday around 4 or 5pm cause its right near my work and its cheap and the employees are awesome. —SunjeetBaadkar

2008-02-17 14:05:59   Amazing bread. As an amateur bread snob, I thoroughly approve. :] —AlisonBree

2008-02-19 21:54:40   Great pizza, but sometimes they charge extra for getting 1/2 and 1/2 (split topping) pizzas... Wish they were open later. —mj

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