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[wikipedia]Viticulture is the study of grapes, and [wikipedia]enology is the study of winemaking. The two make up the Viticulture and Enology department, which is one of the many majors available at UCD. The department of [WWW]Viticulture and Enology is currently chaired by Andrew Waterhouse. Courses in winemaking were first offered by the viticulture department in 1935. In the summer of 2008, the department moved to the new Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food Science much to the joy of its cramped faculty who were thrilled to leave Wickson Hall.

However, the new location does come with a few drawbacks: The remote location on the southern edge of Campus increases the travel time between classes, making punctuality nearly impossible for students on foot. Also, the new building lacks Food of any sort, and has yet to receive daily circulation from The California Aggie.

Other notable faculty:


Fresno State Rivalry

At 125 years, the the department is still considered the top V&E program in the county, it has recently faced a challenge from the [WWW]"Viticulture and Enology Program" at [WWW]"Fresno State".

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*[WWW] UCD Wine Microbe Collection Wine Microbe Collection


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