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  1. City Voting etc.
    1. Eligibility for Voting
    2. Past Issues of Note
    3. Types of Voting
    4. Where to Vote
    5. Where to Register
      1. Post Offices
      2. Department of Motor Vehicles
      3. Libraries
      4. City Clerk's Offices
      5. Yolo County Elections Office
  2. Student Voting

City Voting etc.

Eligibility for Voting

The right to vote can, like some other legal rights, be lost through judicial process (conviction of certain types of crimes, findings of mental incompetence, etc). In many cases, the specific right to vote can be reinstated by a judge either temporarily or permanently depending on the circumstance.

Past Issues of Note

Types of Voting

Vote_Peas.JPGPoster at the east entrance to Olson Hall from [WWW] that says "If you're not voting, then who are you electing?"

Voting for Davis Politics and Local Representatives tends to be done through traditional polling. In Davis there is strong support for various other types of voting:

Where to Vote

Early_voters.jpgVoters on November 1, 2008 at the Davis Senior Center

If you are voting on Election Day, find your polling place: [WWW]Yolo Elections Office

Early voting locations include the Yolo County Elections Office, Memorial Union Early Polling Station, and Davis Senior Center. Check with the Yolo County Elections Office for dates and hours.

Where to Register

You can register to vote [WWW]online here, or at one of the following locations:

Post Offices

Department of Motor Vehicles


City Clerk's Offices

Yolo County Elections Office

Student Voting

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