wpa.jpg The [WWW]Works Progress Administration, or WPA, was a one of the largest New Deal programs instituted by President Franklin D. Roosevelt during the Great Depression. It provided jobs to unemployed workers, usually through civic improvement projects.

Davis still bears the stamp of these WPA projects—literally. Perhaps you've seen the "WPA" initials imprinted in a sidewalk while strolling through old North Davis. These sidewalks were laid in the late 1930's with federal funding through the Works Progress Administration. Look on the corner curbs at intersections for the most obvious stamps, especially along C Street.

Below is a gallery of WPA marks in Davis. Add any that you find, and be sure to mention where you found it!


C&6thNE.JPGC St. & 6th St- NE corner

C&6thSE.JPGC St. & 6th St- SE corner C&6thSW.JPGC St. & 6th St- SW corner C&7thcurb.JPGC St. & 7th St- SW curb C&7thSE.JPGC St. & 7th St- SE corner C&7thSW.JPGC St. & 7th St- SW corner D&7thSE.JPGD St. & 7th St- SE corner D&7thSW.JPGD St. & 7th St- SW corner E&6thNE.JPGE St. & 6th St- NE corner F&6thNE.JPGF St. & 6th St- NE corner F&6thSE.JPGF St. & 6th St- SE corner J&2ndNE.JPGJ St. & 2nd St- NE corner Jn3rdSE.jpgJ St. & 3rd St- SE curb 315_1st.jpgDriveway at 315 1st Street


CentralParkbathrooms.jpgThe south side of the Central Park bathrooms at 5th and C, also known as the WPA Building.


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