Wandering Carts


Many major stores like Target find that their shoppers have purchased too much merchandise and are unable to carry everything home. So, the store's carts are taken away full of their goods and are frequently abandoned elsewhere. This page is for documenting some of the places these carts have been relocated to. Bill Richter's Cart Service returns carts to their homes, sometimes aggressively or unkindly.

maceandsecond.jpgWaiting for the bus watchingthesunset.jpgWatching the cloudscape break.jpgTaking a nap behind the Davis Manor Center

tornassunder.jpgTorn Asunder

plague.jpgA plague from both their houses 4cars.jpgLooking both ways

lost.jpgLost on its way

hoops.jpgLookin' for game wrongturn.jpgWrong turn

trippedonarock.jpgTripped on a rock

fallenandcantgetup.jpgHit an uneven sidewalk in Old North, spit out my drunk rider and left in this resting place. Anyone know the way to Trader Jose's? cart.jpgFound near Explorit. Been seeing an influx of them around the park. Such an invasive species

Are shopping carts friend or foe?

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me and a friend recently saw one waiting for the bus; slowly but surely they will venture farther and farther away —StevenDaubert

2009-12-22 18:29:18   I will change this smiley face: :-) to a sad face when JabberWokky removes his comment above. —WesHardaker

2009-12-22 19:43:47   Many carts from the Safeway in South Davis make their way to the local apartment complexes. Carts can often be found under all the stairwells at Da Vinci Court apt complex. —DinahDavison

2009-12-23 14:56:42   Anyone know if you round up the carts and return them, will any stores give you anything? I've heard $10 a cart, but that just may be a complete urban legend, or the policy for one particular store. —AmLin

2009-12-23 14:59:36   I'd kind of doubt it. That would provide a strong incentive to people to take, and then return, the carts. —IDoNotExist

2009-12-23 15:30:06   These seemed to be attracted to my old residence near Sycamore park. I brought several of them back home over the years after their teenage human buddies ditched them on my lawn. —AmitVainsencher

2013-03-31 07:46:14   Other ways of finding lost carts: iPhone app called CartSnap connects directly to the cart retrieval services. Can be found at www.cartsnap.com, https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cartsnap/id412776250?mt=8, and www.returnshoppingcarts.com. —RonJimenez

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