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Giedt_Hall_Front.JPGFrom the street Giedt_Hall_Patio.JPGFrom the patio

Warren and Leta Giedt Hall is a 650-seat, single-story classroom building located immediately north of Kemper Hall, in UC Davis's Engineering/Physical Sciences district. With two classrooms and three lecture theaters, including the 278-seat Ted and Rand Schaal Auditorium (room 1001), Giedt Hall provides a state-of-the-art learning environment for students from across the campus. Engineering and geology classes receive scheduling priority for the new classrooms because two of the project's major donors are former engineering and geology professors.

Giedt Hall is named for mechanical and aeronautical engineering professor emeritus Warren Giedt and his wife, Leta. The Giedts (pronounced "Geets") donated $2.5 million toward the building's construction. ([WWW]Dateline Article) There was a ceremony honoring Giedt and the construction of the hall. Giedt attended in a wheelchair and passed away a month or two after the ceremony.

The building has WiFi as of May 2010.

The Giedt Project is a local band named after the hall.

Demolition and Construction

In March 2006, 18 temporary buildings on the site were demolished to make way for the new hall. These are the first "temporary" buildings to ever be removed from campus. See University Construction for other campus projects.

doze1.jpg doze2.jpg doze3.jpg

geidt_construction.jpgGiedt Hall construction, 8-10-06

Geidt_Hall_Steel.JPGSteel Erected 2006/09/01 another-ugly-building.jpg2007-1-16

geidt-front.jpgThe front of the building isn't so bad. 2006-1-24

geidt.jpgThe sign announcing the construction


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2012-04-03 18:30:01   funny. i've always pronounced it g-i-te hall —zsomers1

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