Wenche Molenaar



Wenche Molenaar was the spring 2006 GASC Chair. She was also a Peer Educator for the Women's Center and an Intern for the Student Recruitment and Retention Center. Besides GASC she also was the Chair of the ASUCD Student-Police Relations Committee as well as a volunteer for the Campus Violence Prevention Program and a member of Students Against Sexual Violence. She used to be a proud supporter of LEAD back in the day and loved going to Thursday night ASUCD Senate Meetings. isupport.jpg


More recently, Wenche was the current Chair of the "Draft Higgins for City Council campaign", which was a facebook group. She is also a registered Republican and worked for Rudy Giuliani's presidential campaign in Sacramento. She graduated in 2006 from UC Davis with a double major in Psychology and Anthropology and is originally from the Bay Area.


Proud Cancer Survivor

Wenche is a cancer survivor twice over, and is a fan of Relay for Life.

"Give Up and Die, or Keep Fighting and Stay Alive" relaygroup.jpg merelayfun.jpg memandy.jpg mekat.jpg


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