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 * Turns out there was a wiki pages this whole time - see ["Junk Mail"]  * Turns out there was a wiki page this whole time - see ["Junk Mail"]

Ask any questions here! Once a question is answered, please change it into an appropriately titled new page. Questions unanswered within a week will be automatically deleted along with all the surrounding commentary.

Question: Where is the best place in Davis to get food that is kosher for Passover? Nugget, Co-op, Whole Foods, or ??
Probably the co-op followed by the nugget... I know that safeway has a Kosher aisle ~Daubert

Question: Where can I dispose of electronics, such as blow dryers and iphone cords?

Question: Where can I buy a California state flag (bear flag) around Davis? Target was a no-go...

Question:Where can I buy refined Tallow (beef fat), lard is easy to find in the supermarket but tallow is more difficult. I need to make some soap.

If you can't find tallow, there are plenty of other perfectly acceptable kinds of fat that you can use to make soap.

Question: Where can i buy or borrow a typewriter to use. I wanted to make a personal message and wanted to use a typewriter.

Question: Where can I get a wide assortment of candies for diabetics? In big cities, grocery stores carry diabetic versions almost any imaginable candy— but it seems grocery stores in davis don't carry them?

Question: Where can I find egg rolls with meat in them? Every place I have tried egg rolls in there were only vegetables, not that I didn't enjoy them, but still, sometimes I like my egg rolls with shrimp or pork. hankim

Question: I have an electric organ that needs some restoration work (made in 1965). This is more complex than simply finding a piano tuner. Is there somebody in this county or in Sacramento with the skills to diagnose and fix whatever needs repair/replacement in the circuits and relays? JudithTruman

Question: I have a flooded house. There don't seem to be any water damage specialists in Davis, and a sacramento search turns up a whole lot. Does anyone have any advice on whom to contact regarding mold and other sequelae to flooding?

Only people I've seen around town, and the only people I've heard of are servpro Daubert

Question: Does anyone know where I can seam weld a car chassis around Davis? I know you can get a day pass for the welding class at the craft center but I dont think I can bring a car in? Also does anyone know where there is a spot welder too?

Question: Does anyone know of a general practitioner I can go to in Davis? I need to get my hyperhidrosis under control and hope to get a prescription for stronger antiperspirants or maybe a referral for some kind of other treatment. Hopefully one that takes Cigna?

Question: Is there any good 2010 St. Patrick's Day events in Davis? More specifically bar specials? Or am I going to have to go to SacTown?

Question: Where can I get my hands on some kaffir lime leaves in Davis? I've tried the co-op but it appears it's not there right now. :(

Question: Where can I get a watch battery replaced? My wiki-fu has failed me.

Question: Where can I get baptized, full immersion style? Thanks.

Question: Has anyone sold a guitar to a music store in Davis? Thanks.

Question: Where can I get 120 medium format film developed? The only place in town that I know is Ritz but its closed now :(

Question: Where can I get candy apples? The Rocky Mountain Candy Factory ones in Old Sac are expensive. Is there anywhere else?

Question: Where is the nearest extended-stay hotel to Davis? Or, is there a hotel within Davis that has long-term rates comparable to extended stay hotels?

blueberries.png Question: Where can I buy blueberries? The Safeway at the Marketplace seems to run out of them all the time. If I can eat blueberries every week, that would be great. Thanks.

Question: Where is the cheapest place to get a singlespeed bicycle conversion in Davis?

Question: Where can I get a baby car seat inspected to make sure it's installed properly? There are a number of places in Sac that do this, such as firestations and a CHP station. Is there anywhere in Davis that does it? The Davis PD do not offer this service anymore.

Question: Where can I find yummy vegetarian dumplings with shittake, tofu, etc. in either fresh (restaurants) or frozen (stores) form? —il

Question: Where can I get text etched into the frame of my bike? I want to mark the bike with something more permanent than the license stickers.

Question: Who sells raw honey that's produced either in Davis or very very close to Davis? And where can I purchase it? (yes, am trying this for allergies) —il

Question: Where can I find greek yogurt? —YooHyunOak

Question: Where can I get my hands on some Thai basil in this town? I tried making this dish with regular sweet basil but the bite is just. not. there. :( —il

Question: After registering for Intro to Linguistics on SISWeb, the location strangely reads RESSLR. Where is this hall? Directions from the Memorial Union or adjacent halls appreciated.

Question: Where can I find compression/pressure gloves in Davis? These are used for edema therapy purposes (applies pressure to relieve swelling). [WWW]Here's a link to the kind of thing I'm talking about.

Question: Where can I find a cow costume, or just the bonnet and udder? —ArlenAbraham

Question: Where can I find a Nintendo Wii at regular retail price? That is, among mearby stores that are known to stock them (Gamestop, Target, Wal-Mart, Costco etc.), where and when do I stand the best chance of purchasing one? And when is supply going to catch up with demand so all of this lining up to beat the scalpers nonsense is unnecessary?

Question: Where can I find good korean bbq around the sac or davis area (any place like mana where the cooking is not at the table does not count)?

Question: Where can I refill my printer cartridges now that Island Ink-Jet has closed down? Is there any other place in Davis? If not, what about any surrounding area that I can get to with public transportation (Yolobus)?

Question: Where is the nearest place I can go to test ride recumbent bikes and trikes?

Question: While I'm in the middle of Davis without a car, I need serious fashion help. I don't dress like my age group and would like to start wearing brand labels for a change, so I can fit in and feel better about myself (or more like, grow up). But I don't know where to look. Is there a mall nearby? I think the University Mall is for girls only fashion, but I'm a guy. Is there a bus I can take to get there? It would be great if I could reach a mall that has large quantities of label clothings and stores like Acrombie (sp). Any additional tips on how I can gain a sense of style, etc I will not ignore. Thank you, thank you! Wayne Froster.

Question: Where can I get socks? If it's not in downtown, then is there a bus route that will get me there? Again, thank you in advance. Answer:

Question: I live near RiteAid. Where can I get some distilled water? Thanks in advance! Wayne.

Question: Where can I go to get a car thoroughly cleaned, inside and out?

Question: Where can I find an assortment of various quality paper for use in a printer?

Question: Where can I buy a bowl, spoon, and fork? I prefer a normal size bowl for rice or cereal. Thanks in advance. (RiteAid only stocks up on other kitchen cookware).

Question: Where can I find a caller and/or band for contra dance or square dance?


Question: Where can we go out to dinner in the Sac area after graduation? Saturday, June 17th. Some place nice but not overly expensive, with good dining, drinks, and a nice atmosphere. Maybe something in old town?


Question: Where can I find a restaurant with outstanding Buffalo wings? Greater Sac region preferred, please.


Question: Where can I buy litmus paper?


Question: Who makes the best Sangria in Davis? I mean a business establishment, not a personal family recipe.


Question: Where can I find a Japanese open grill restaurant something like [WWW]Benihanas? Where they cook the food and flip it around and all that fun stuff?


Question: Where can I find some butcher paper?


Question: Is there a FAX MACHINE anywhere on campus/near Davis that is free or really cheap for public use?


Question: I'm looking for a place in Davis or Sac that will take 8inch x 8inch digital photographs print the photographs on matte print in this exact size (8x8). -MichaelGiardina


Question: 2005-06-19 14:14:01   Does anyone know where I can buy fresh, red "Pasilla Chilles" ? These things like "Mongolian-Flavor-In-A-Fruit" ... Droool!!! but blah... I think my roommate got the name of this pepper wrong. —MichaelGiardina


Question: Where can I find Shaman Smoke in or around Davis?
shamansmoke.jpgHere is a picture of Shaman Smoke.


Question: What places make Italian sodas with cream?


Question: Is there anywhere in Davis that tunes pianos for a moderate price?


Question: Where is the best place in Davis to get a digital camera repaired?


Question: Where can I recycle bicycle tires?


Question: Where can I buy a 5-gallon refillable compressed-air tank (used for car and bike inflating tires without a power air compressor)?


Question: Where's the best place to steal milk crates that are the bigger size so you can fit 12" records in them?

Question: Where can one find UC Davis postcards? Answer:

Questions: Where can I buy mace/pepper spray? Answer:

Question: Does anybody agree that Diet Soda in Davis tastes strange? Answer:

Question: is there a local service that can transcribe mini DV tape onto a DVD?

Question: Where in Davis can I volunteer to help serve/prepare Thanksgiving meals to the homeless/underprivileged?

Question: Where in Davis can I find a store that sells cookie cutters?

Question: Does anyone know if there is a store in Davis that sells tahini (raw sesame seed paste) besides the Co-op? The Co-op only has it in bulk and the way they store it is unsanitary.

Question: Where can I find really good Dim Sum in the greater Sacramento area.

Question: (from Law) Does anyone have any recommendations for a law firm that can create a prenup agreement? —namohai

Question: Where on the internet can I find Yolo County's health inspection records of restaurants? I can find it for Sacramento easily, but spent a while trying to find it for Yolo >.<

Question: I'm looking for some permanent (and public) representation of a tiger in Davis. A statue, a mural—at this point, even something containing the word "tiger" (e.g., a tiger lily, "tiger" in a street name) will do. Any ideas? Wikizens, to the rescue!

Question: Where can I eat in Davis with a family of 3 kids ? Similar to the "upscale restaurants" page, can someone create a list of "family friendly" restaurants ?

Question: Where can I find locally-grown unpopped popcorn kernels?

Question: Where can I buy a black lightbulb/ blacklight flashlight?

Question: Where can I go to get my driver's side power window, which has slipped off its gears (the motor works, but doesn't move the window up because its not attached anymore) and is inside the car door, back up without being charged $170 in labor? - SunjeetBaadkar

Question: Where can I go to find info on how to sublease one's place? I have a house that I'm trying to sublease for the summer but have never done such a thing before. - SunjeetBaadkar

Question: Is there a certified GM repair shop in Davis? I can't seem to find one. If not, where is the nearest one? —BrandonBarrette

Question: Where can I play miniature golf? - BlairGoss

Question: Where can I find mustache wax?

Question: Where can I get a grilled vegetable sandwich with eggplant or mushroom(s)? The Vegetarian Options page suggests upscale restaurants. I'm looking for something a bit more downscale. —CovertProfessor

Question: Where can I get a 5-disc CD player fixed? I cannot seem to find anywhere local that does home electronics repair. ~ CindiDrake

Question: Where can I shred documents in Davis ? Suggestion : There is a city dump in Davis. Not sure of the address but its down pole line and then to the right. not too far though.

Question: Where can I get fresh (no more than a few hours old), organic, locally-raised eggs? Thanks in advance! —H4rry

Question: Where can I find the driest playground in Davis (e.g., the one(s) where, after a rainfall, the slides won't pool water, or that have an all-weather surface)? The playground at Montgomery comes to mind, but I'm looking for one that isn't part of a schoolyard. Thanks! —KevinChin

Question: When/Where can I find pickup basketball games in Davis? —pdj

Question: Where can I get a mirror? I need a 12x18 inch mirror to replace one in a fixure that I have. The Anderson Glass wiki page (or their own website) isn't much help and that's the only place I can think of off hand. What do you suggest? —JenniferCook

Question: Where can I find a good "ethnic" hair stylist in Davis? —Babhari

Question: Where can I rent one of those 4 person bikes that are usually locked up in the movie theater parking lot? -MM

Question: Where can I find a can of Vanilla Coke? I know Safeway sells them by the 12-pack, but I don't want 12 cans of soda because I'll probably end up with diabetes by the end of the week. But I just want to buy a can or 20 oz. bottle of Vanilla Coke. (Or, if 11 other people want to split a 12-pack from Safeway with me, that'd be awesome, too.) Thanks.

Question: I live in an apartment and even though I have lived here for over ten years now just never got around to it, so where can I grow some of my own vegetables and fruits that won't cost an arm and a leg? — Wes-P

Answer: Plant a winter garden now at the Experimental College Community Garden for $20. Also, the Davis Community Garden plots may be closer to you and are about the same price (half-plot after July is half-price). —JoRo

Question: Where can one play table tennis (ping-pong) in Davis, other than at the ARC?

Question: Where can I purchase a TapouT t-shirt in Davis? I want to be a TapouT brah for Halloween. Checked Big 5, they used to carry them but got rid of them because they did not sell. —hankim

Question: Where can I exchange coins in bulk for cash, store credit, etc. without paying the stupid 8 or 10% or whatever Coinstar charges? —TomGarberson If you have an account at First Northern, just show up at the Merchant Window. They will happily count your coin and either deposit it or give you bills. —jimstewart

Travis has a location in Vacaville that they count coins at... The machine they had in Davis was broken at the time

Question: Where can I get awesome apple pie? I've been in the mood for awesome apple pie. —hankim

Question: Where can I find a really nice stuffed animal? Specifically, a duck.

Question: Where in Davis can I get oat bread? (Real oat bread, not just wheat bread with a few oats stuck to the crust). —CovertProfessor

Question: Where in Davis can I get red bean buns? Shanghai Town has red bean pancakes (and they're awesome!), but something a little less fried would be better (i.e., healthier). —CovertProfessor

Question:Where can I buy refined Tallow (beef fat), lard is easy to find in the supermarket but tallow is more difficult. I need to make some soap.

Question: Where can I buy scratched up/water damaged/wrinkled photographs? Doesn't matter if it's black and white, sepia, or colored. I checked SPCA and R&R thrift stores, they don't have any. —VKC

Where can a dude get a full body wax? With hard wax? Probably European Wax Center, or Davis Nails (ask for Nu)

Question: Where can I get some help updating my unlocked iPhone so it will sync with iTunes, or find out why I can't sync it with iTunes? —jsbmeb
Unlocking your iPhone probably doesn't help it synch with itunes, Apple wants you in the pipeline. For Sim unlocks do it online or The Used Phone Store, for jailbreaks... you are on your own

Question: Where can I refill a growler with beer that is more drinkable than sudwerks? —mikeycrews
I talked to Beer Shoppe and they said in CA you have to make beer to fill a growler. Does that mean sukwerks is the only place in Yolo you can fill a growler?

Question: Are there any restaurants in town (Chinese or otherwise) that have steamed veggies and tofu, with sauce served on the side, as a regular item on their menu? (So far, Golden Sun is the closest I have found — they have steamed tofu as one item and steamed broccoli as another). —CovertProfessor Ding How has extensive vegetarian menu, I don't know off top if they have specifically steamed veggies but I know they have Tofu. Perhaps off menu / getting into the ear of a restaurant you are a regular at is the best course of action? My roommate chimes in over my shoulder that silver dragon had steamed brocolli with sauce that was "bomb" and most chinese restaurants should be able to do that: Veggies + rice cooker == steamed veggies Daubert

Question: Where can I get a truly free personal checking account? Bank of the west is going to start charging me this month...Is there a preferred Credit Union people use? —["users/mikeycrews']

Question: Is there a way to unsubscribe from all the junk mail I get multiple times a week? So much wasted paper. —MeggoWaffle

Where can I? Find someone who will link the Daviswiki page on wikipedia to the Davis page(!!!), and put it prominent in the "things Davis is known for"

Where can I find a veterinarian (for cats) who makes house calls?

Where can I get cheap, reliable internet? I'm currently using Comcast at a rental home in West Davis but my promotional offer ended and my internet bill went from around $40 total to over $70 total per month. I'm only interested in internet and not tv or phone services. In the past after spending a few hours haggling with various comcast employees on the phone I've been able to get the promotional price again, but I wanted to see if I could avoid having to talk with anyone from Comcast.

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