Whole Earth Festival 2006


This is a page for recording photographs, stories, and experiences from the 2006 Whole Earth Festival.

Friday Evening Preview

crafts.JPGCrafts booths



Saturday Walk Through

01-earth_ball.JPGKids playing with a giant earth ball in the center of the quad

02-booth_in_spirit.JPGThe booth that was most in the spirit of the day.

03-main_stage.JPGMusic on the main stage

04-dish_return.JPGDish return, a part of the zero waste program

05-solar.JPGSolar Panel Booth

06-with_woman.JPG[WWW]With Women, Uganda Project Information Booth

07-art_board.JPGParticipatory Art Board

08-tiger_compost.JPGTiger themed Project Compost electric vehicle

Saturday Night

coops_party.jpgAlbino rocks out at the annual co-ops party


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Nothing says "Save the Planet" more than tons of garbage and litter and handmade crap for outrageous prices. Go on with your bad selves privileged Davis hippies! — JeffSpeckles

2006-05-13 13:36:09   The prices did seem high this year. —JasonAller

2006-05-14 14:34:00   The prices did seem high, and the organic rootbeer was no good. But that organic corndog; best corndog I've ever had, seriously. The giant earth ball was awesome, too. —JohnDudek

2006-05-14 15:56:17   If Hippies are so open and loving why do I get nasty looks for walking through wearing khakis and a polo. I smell hypocrisy! And dirty feet.... —JonathanNasca

2006-05-14 17:31:22   Try walking around with a popped collar and aviators. —AdamBarr

2006-05-14 21:12:15   You won't get nasty looks if you dress in hippydrag (tie-dye, lots of beads, unwashed hair). I twirled around in the "most pit" with a friend while wearing worn-out cords and my grungiest t-shirt, and no one suspected a thing. —AnnaHamilton

2006-05-15 08:47:19   so, was there any sort of educational/inspiration presentation? or has it become the dixon may fair for neo-hippies? —BorregoJohn

2006-05-16 11:53:14   Fucking hippies. First a guy sitting on my lawn with his puppy tells me "We don't let people touch our puppy, or else it will turn into a goofball dog." Yeah, well I don't let stoner freaks who don't know how to take care of animals sit on my lawn. Then after the day's festivities I find an Odwalla veggie power bar wrapper and sierra nevada bottle on my lawn. Fucking hippies. More like the "Let's get stoned and preach to others about crap we don't even pactice" Festival. —JeffSpeckles

2007-05-18 22:13:54   For your information, of the 13,000 pounds of "garbage" produced at the festival, only 360 pounds actually went to the landfill. The rest (over 97%) of it was recycled or composted by the volunteers of the festival. —DerekDowney

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