Whole Earth Festival 2009



The 40th annual Whole Earth Festival on the UC Davis Quad happened on May 8, 9 and 10 (Mother's Day Weekend) of the year 2009. This years theme, Sustainalovability, pervaded the psycosphere around the Quad, infusing minds with thoughts of love, ability and sustaining our planet while we celebrate spring on this part of Earth. Check out [WWW]http://wef.ucdavis.edu for more information on education and entertainment at WEF.


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One of the 4 art tents.JPG WEF 2009 001.jpgFishtank Ensemble Friday Afternoon, Ursula and Fabrice R0012399.jpg R0012402.jpg R0012411.jpgKids watching Samba Parade R0012414.jpg R0012446.jpgAfterparty at the Co-ops

peace.jpg peace2.jpg henna.jpg tyedye.jpg

freehugs2009.jpgFrom WEF 2009. Was this you in the picture? Let me know.


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2009-05-11 18:54:12   I was playing saxophone with another saxophonist and a flautist in a drum circle at the 2009 festival. If anyone has any pictures, they would be much appreciated, since I didn't bring my camera to the festival. E-mail is amsamson@ucdavis.edu

Thanks! —AaronSamson

2009-05-12 05:16:06   Any photos from this year? —JabberWokky

Maricela Alvarez live painting.JPG Upload new image "Maricela Alvarez painting one of two pieces painted during the festival.JPG"

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