Whole Earth Festival 2013


Whole Earth Festival 2013: Time is Art

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The Whole Earth Festival is Mother's Day Weekend in May (10th, 11th, and 12th).

Website: [WWW]http://wef.ucdavis.edu/ or "Like" their Facebook page, "WholeEarthFestival"

On Saturday, May 11, at 10:00PM, bicycle party and marching band parades will lead audiences from the Whole Earth Festival main stage to the Friends of the Whole Earth Festival Fundraiser and After Party at 212 F Street, formerly Dimple Records. Starting at 10:30PM, 2 live high energy funk and soul dance bands will entertain from a bicycle powered stage, powered by the people: Honey Sweet puts the moves on funk and soul favorites, and Wonderfunk serves up high energy original awesome funk sauce. Whole Earth Festival originals, Somer Moon and Bear Dyken will grace the stage with their sensual harmonies, and local favorite, Shannon Harney will close the night with her sweet sounds. $10-20 sliding scale, all ages. See [WWW]Facebook event.

Set list:

10:30: Honey Sweet
11:30: Somer Moon
12:00: Wonderfunk
01:30: Shannon Harney

All ages!!!

Want to volunteer with the Karma Patrol?? Sign up here: [WWW]http://wef.ucdavis.edu/volunteers/

Karma Patrol Volunteer Gatherings are every Wednesday, 7pm, in Room 342 ("Mee" Room) of the Memorial Union...no need to have attended previous meetings...just show up and we will share all our volunteer opportunities with you! The dates for the 2013 Karma Patrol Gatherings are April 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th; and May 1st and 8th...we'd love to see you there and invite you to bring your skills to putting on this festival!

Galactic Signatures and Dreamspells during WEF 2013:

May 10 - Kin 87: Blue Solar Hand
I Pulse in order to Know
Realizing Healing
I seal the Store of Accomplishment
With the Solar tone of Intention
I am guided by the power of Abundance

May 11 - Kin 88: Yellow Planetary Star

I Perfect in order to Beautify
Producing Art
I seal the Store of Elegance
With the Planetary tone of Manifestation
I am guided by the power of Intelligence
I am a galactic activation portal enter me.

May 12 - Kin 89: Red Spectral Moon

I Dissolve in order to Purify
Releasing Flow
I seal the Process of Universal Water
With the Spectral tone of Liberation
I am guided by my own power doubled

This year, check out the Natural Time Zone near the Karma Dome on the northeast section of the Quad and find your Kin # on the giant Tzolkin banner....[WWW]decode your galactic signature and dreamspell and learn about the [WWW]Law of Time and the 13 Moon Calendar, part of the work and vision of Jose Arguelles, whose students initiated the festival with the original "Art Happening" in 1969.


Photo section "Friday" (from ConstantiaOomen)

WE2013-1.jpgOpening Speech by the organizers

WE2013-2.jpgWhole Earth Festival 2013

WE2013-3.jpgWhole Earth Festival 2013

WE2013-4.jpgIn Davis, a bike must be - Whole Earth Festival 2013

WE2013-5.jpgWhole Earth Festival 2013

WE2013-6.jpgTake your picture here - Whole Earth Festival 2013

WE2013-7.jpgWhole Earth Festival 2013

WE2013-8.jpgWhole Earth Festival 2013

WE2013-9.jpgFree wandering art - Whole Earth Festival 2013

WE2013-10.jpgIncredible beautiful 'Tree Of Life' table runner by Susie Begay (on photo). She works three months on each one! Time ís Art!

WE2013-11.jpgWhole Earth Festival 2013

WE2013-12.jpgWhole Earth Festival 2013

WE2013-13.jpgIt's a Festival dome in the making - Whole Earth Festival 2013

WE2013-14.jpgWhole Earth Festival 2013

WE2013-15.jpgMystery Photo (not edited!) - Whole Earth Festival 2013

WE2013-16.jpgMellow Mud Pottery, by Susan Tate

WE2013-17.jpgMellow Mud Pottery, by Susan Tate

WE2013-18.jpgWhole Earth Festival 2013

Photo section "Sunday" (from ConstantiaOomen)

WE2013-19.jpgWhole Earth Festival 2013

WE2013-20.jpgWhole Earth Festival 2013

WE2013-21.jpgWhole Earth Festival 2013

WE2013-22.jpgWhole Earth Festival 2013

WE2013-23.jpgWhole Earth Festival 2013

WE2013-24.jpgWhole Earth Festival 2013

WE2013-25.jpgWhole Earth Festival 2013

WE2013-26.jpgLight-Weaver Products, Custom Holographic Art by Duane Carpenter - Whole Earth Festival 2013

WE2013-27.jpgLight-Weaver Products, Custom Holographic Art by Duane Carpenter - Whole Earth Festival 2013

WE2013-28.jpgLight-Weaver Products, Custom Holographic Art by Duane Carpenter (on photo) - Whole Earth Festival 2013

WE2013-29.jpgWhole Earth Festival 2013

WE2013-30.jpgKitchen Witch Gourmet - Whole Earth Festival 2013

WE2013-31.jpgWhole Earth Festival 2013

WE2013-32.jpgWhole Earth Festival 2013

WE2013-33.jpgWhole Earth Festival 2013

WE2013-34.jpgWhole Earth Festival 2013

WE2013-35.jpgWhole Earth Festival 2013

WE2013-36.jpgWhole Earth Festival 2013

WE2013-37.jpgPacific Blue Tile, Inc, tiles by El any (on photo) and Jiri Prusa - Whole Earth Festival 2013

WE2013-38.jpgPacific Blue Tile, Inc, tiles by El any and Jiri Prusa - Whole Earth Festival 2013

WE2013-39.jpgWhole Earth Festival 2013

WE2013-40.jpgWhole Earth Festival 2013

WE2013-41.jpgWhole Earth Festival 2013

WE2013-42.jpgWhole Earth Festival 2013

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