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So what is important to know about cabs?

If a cab lacks a meter, that's a problem. If a cab's meter is not sealed, this is a problem. If a driver intentionally takes an circuitous route? That is a problem. These are basic problems I expect cabs not to have. Noting that they don't have these problems is like noting that Charles Bamforth is potty-trained. It's a good assumption to make by default and I don't want to read about it unless it proves not to be true. I personally don't care if a cab has paid the SMF shakedown fee and has a transponder. Should I care about other things? What information should be on a page about a cab? —WilliamLewis

Meters are set to a particular rate or mutiple rates and sealed by wire and soft metal bearing the stamp that was assigned to the taxi meter technician . The Yolo County Weights and Measures section of the Department of Agriculture road tests and provides a certification stamp for each new taxicab that is added to a fleet. If the taxicab has been certified by another county Yolo County may just look at the meter and issue certification without road testing it. The certification stamps are issued yearly. Taxicabs are tested and recertified yearly. —Art

Non Metered
In recent years it became legal for taxicabs to optionally operate with an odometer instead of a meter. The odometer must be certified similar to that for a meter.


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2011-09-19 01:21:03   well as far as I know cabs need to be registered commercially (it will be number letter and the rest numbers on the license plate) and they need to have commercial insurance for all the drivers, it the meter needs to be inspected and sealed by county weights and measures, and the company has to have business license. If you want to go to the airport you get a sticker with a number and a transponder. Cabs have to have clear signage on them with a fictitious business name and phone number visible. etc etc —StevenDaubert

I've wanted to do Cab Etiquette geared for companies, that way riders know what to look for etc Daubert

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