Wiki Community/Inappropriate Content


For discussion of Inappropriate Content by the Wiki Community.

Two general categories:

  1. Content that is inappropriate (any content that is illegal, non-family safe content, content not relevant to Davis)

  2. Uses of the Wiki that are inappropriate (Spam, SEO Spam, a forum for debate of unresolvable issues)

See also existing discussion on Wiki Ethics about what should be taboo on the wiki, will copy that over here as well.

Should anything be taboo? If so, what?

Possible ideas (add what you want, even if it's just a bud of an idea):

See also: Unethical Editing, Wiki Social Norms, and Welcome to the Wiki. Also, when it comes to flames, see Insults.


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2009-07-29 12:02:09   A long time ago, the occasional vulgarity level was an issue. This was when the DavisWiki was possibly going to be used in local schools, and people wanted to censor out most usage of the F-word to that effect, to make it more friendly and if not PG, than PG-13. —EdWins

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