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Add new proposals and suggestions for the Davis Wiki here. If you are commenting on another's proposal, it may be better to edit the page and add your comment below theirs. If you're proposing something having to do with the software or site itself, try the Wiki Community/Technical Discussion entry.


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2008-06-12 17:45:14   I propose that editors wishing to link to California Aggie articles should use links when available. They are definitely more stable in the long term than links. All links have broken at least twice in the life of the wiki. —WilliamLewis

2008-06-26 22:36:20   One-hit-wonder accounts that come through and bash a business have been a problem for quite awhile. Clarity Massage worries me a bit more than most, though. An anonymous poster with no history (and thus reputation) came through and posted unverifiable allegations of illegal activity instead of reporting it to the police, who actually have the resources to investigate the complaint. It looks like this comment has lead to the business losing at least one customer. I don't know what we need to do, but something does need to be done. At the very least, I think someone who wants to allege such things should have the police department pursue this and/or stand behind their real name so the business has a chance to defend themselves if their comment is allowed to remain. Any ideas? —WilliamLewis

These drive me nuts. Another massage business was directly accused of prostitution here. That comment still stands. Restaurants are routinely accused of violating health codes ("I found a bug under the food") without proof — the most damaging thing you can say about a restaurant. An auto repair business yells at customers (doubtful) and degrades women (more doubtful). No details, just accusations. But if the business owner were to remove the posts, they would likely be restored.
Basically, IMO, if the comment implies or accuses, without any detail or evidence, something that is against the law, that accusation should be removed by one of us. Also, personally insulting comments should also be removed. I don't think the Davis Wiki exists to facilitate harm to local businesses. But I have a clear bias on this topic, so it would be useful for others to weigh in on it. —DonShor

There's another discussion of this at Wiki Community/Reputation. I've been tagging one hits with the phrase there (so I pull them back up at a future date). —jw

2008-06-29 00:17:37   Proposal: create a page flag for pages that contain time-sensitive information or are out of date. This way it would be easy to 1) track pages that become outdated frequently, and 2) help individuals communicate easily that information may be wrong, despite the fact the individual may not know or know how to obtain the most up-to-date information.

I would do it myself if I had a modicum of an idea of where to start, but perhaps this would be a task best left to someone with actual programming experience. —MaryLieth

2008-11-18 19:01:55   Why doesn't the site offer a discussion forum area? While this is a GREAT site, and also very useful, it would be even better if there was an area to start threads and discuss information related to Davis. Ideally, a phpBB forum or a vBulletin forum would do the trick.

Some uses might include the posting of jobs, local classified ads, community proposals, etc. I think it could be a great way to communicate about topics without having to hunt for something specific in the Wiki. —BrettW
Discussions can be carried out using page creation and or subpages instea of using phbb or vbulletin... Daubert

2009-04-14 12:31:38   Can we make it so that the search box is highlighted when i open the main page? For example, I go to Davis Wiki and I can immediately type and search instead of having to click the search box. As far as I know, most people use the page to search, so this makes sense to me. As for the people who aren't searching, you can scroll with your mouse anyway. It shouldn't be too hard to make this change right? —quadshock

2009-05-05 14:31:25   How about a feature to mute certain pages from the recent changes (cf. some of the changes on/around May 5th). —TheAmazingLarry

2009-06-15 13:59:58   I'd suggest the addition of discussion threading to the wiki code. We often have very complex discussions, but tracking and updating threads can be difficult, especially for non-advanced users. This might be accomplished with an edit thread button if you click on a specific thread, for example. Time stamping of all posts, not just main ones, could also be helpful here. —IDoNotExist

2009-08-12 01:30:38   I think it might benefit the wiki to change the text for the "delete page" option (when editing a page) so that it actually says "delete page" on the button, as opposed to the current "delete". I've seen a few people who accidentally delete a page when they mean to revert their most recent edit, and I think it's because the current setup does not actually explicitly tell the user that it is a page being deleted. —JoePomidor



2010-01-06 09:21:01   Please please pleas can we have a longer comment-edit box? I frequently have to type very short strange messages trying to get my entire point in. —WesHardaker

this is 140 please note the signature on the end changes the total length to 140 + some arbitrary value that is longer than 140. For examp —IDoNotExist

this is 120 please note the signature on the end changes the total length to 120 + some arbitrary value that is longer t —IDoNotExist

Let me add a further consideration. I can't tell you how often I start to type my reason, only to find I have to find a shorter way of saying it. Then I have to think about synonyms, abbreviations, other ways to word, etc. This happens to me often and frankly it's a waste of my time. With a little more space I could just type what I wanted to say and move onto something more productive, like editing a different wiki page. :-) —CovertProfessor

Assumption check: Hey, by the way, I think most people are assuming that extending the field would be easy — that the database is either already able to handle longer comments or it is trivial to alter table, and that changing a couple integers here and there will allow longer comments... anybody want to wade into the code or does anybody know off hand if that's the case? -jw

Trying to pull in everything I just read, it seems to me that everyone(ish) agrees that a paragraph is too long. It seems that most people think 120 or 140 is a good compromise. For those that think 120 is too long, explain why 10 is too short now ;-) Or doing away with comments altogether! </troll>. Somewhere we need to strike a balance between helpful and hindering. I propose we bump it to 120 (not I wanted to say 140) and see where that leaves us. — WH

2010-01-07 08:33:16   Would it be possible to choose a specific format for posting business hours - and using a bot to fix entries? Right now many businesses have completely different capitalizations and dashes etc.

I'm not familiar with bots, but the craziness that is business hours formatting is out of control and could use some touching up. —TJJ

2010-03-02 01:19:36   Is there a simple way to restrict the width of text displayed on a wiki page? A width of 66 characters is often considered the upper bound for easily reading multiple lines of text. Having a single long line on a larger monitor can make wiki entries particularly challenging to read, and it seems that most newspapers / blogs / etc avoid this. This would increase the readability of the wiki in general. It seems it would at least be useful as an option? Thoughts on introducing this as default format down the line? —Carl

2010-09-24 18:40:27   Lots of places (like Ken's Bike & Ski) have comments ranging back to 2004. I propose that comments older than 4 years be put into an archive page with a link on the main page. Reference example page: [WWW]Cibon on RocWikiUsers/PeterBoulay

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