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For a while I thought that the Wiki had plateaued, and that all of Davis had been successfully documented. "Nonsense!" I screamed before punching myself in the face, there's plenty of room to grow. What follows are some areas that I've noticed are not on the Wiki, and how to go about fixing this.

Campus Research

The UC Davis Campus is home to a ridiculous amount of amazing and interesting research going on all the time. While most labs have individual webpages, these, for the most part, suck ass. However, Davis Wiki has a significant advantage in that it is mind-bogglingly easy to create good looking webpages. The problem is outreach and marketing? How does a userbase of primarily undergraduates reach out the campus research community.


Lets face it, whether we like it or not, UCD is going to be a Division I athletics school. However, there is very little on UCD's sports teams. Most of this information comes from [WWW]here, but we can do better. These are student athletes.


We've got a few lifers on here, but the majority of users are UG's with a few graduate students interspersed. We're not the best ones to tell the history of Davis. For example, my bosses both grew up in Davis and are incredible resources for the history of the music scene and the town's history as well. How do we convince people in this demographic (35+) that it's worth their time to tell their stories?


Is introducing school children to the wiki an incredibly good idea, or an incredibly bad one? Valuable teaching tool or grounds to piss off a lot of parents?

Course reviews

While there are a few pages for individual departments (see Colleges) people ought to start reviewing courses! Taken a class? Check if the department has a page. If not, just make it then throw a review of the class you took up!

Businesses you didn't know about

There are plenty of important businesses in Davis that you don't know about because they're not the sort of place that has a store front. However, these businesses are still important to davis. Like [WWW]

Wiki Network Visualization

If you all remeber, Facebook would allow you to visualize your friends. I think it would be cool to have that for wiki pages. just for S+G and also editing purposes. You could get an idea of where your page stands and also if its and orphan or links to some unusable pages. Just an idea — Ericwu


some groups seem underrepresented on the wiki: Wiki Community/Women, Townies, Kids (see above). It seems like we need to get more of these groups involved, and a lot of that comes down to personal outreach and friendships.

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