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2005-03-29 11:54:05   links inside footnotes don't work. *whine* also, the footnote macro uses camel casing, but footnote is actually one word, so there's no need for this sillyness. —ArlenAbraham

In response to the above. I've been thinking a lot about this and for wiki markup there is a delicate balance between human readable and ease of parsing. The claim for XHTML was that the reduction of human editability was not a big deal because people didn't write their HTML directly, which is patently false, and as such XHTML is more annoying than HTML (although almost no one used the auto closing rules for HTML because they where difficult to remember). My big issues with this wiki's markup has to be that the macros are not whitespace invariant, mainly the header macros and the old style attachment macro. Most of the rest of my concerns are syntactic quibbles many of which are the result of feature creep. atachment: is deprecated by the new thumbnial macros, and I don't see any reasonable reason to disallow inlined headers. Ideally the syntax could be wrapped up in a few lines of lex(1) and yacc(1) but I think it's currently too stateful.

If you where going to rebuild the system; I think typeface macros should be allowed anywhere, and that the syntax of the presentation macros should probably change so that they're all the same style syntactically. Also I'd eliminate the table macro, replacing it with, so called, "semantic markup" where appropriate. I'd keep the list as is, even though it may not be consistant. The [[foo(bar,baz,...)]] syntax is pretty ugly in my opinion but workable. As for the typeface macros, I'm not the biggest fan of pairing but it does mostly work, I'd consider going stateful ala TeX, but most users prefer pairing I believe

The major changes would then become:

These have some uglyness and short commings due to the given macro syntax but at least it's mostly consistant. Hmm I totally lost my point here, I guess the point is: whitespace dependents, eww; inconsistant syntax without clear breakup of layout and text, eww. —KennethWaters

Reverts should note themselves with "Revert to n versions ago" or "Revert to version n". Either would be better than the current nonsense with the timestamp. (Although, if the latter, recent changes should probably also reflect the version number.)

2005-04-02 19:34:57   Is DavisWiki part of the interwiki map used for interwiki links? Because of all the recent furvor about interwiki linking, I checked us out on [wikipedia]wikipedia and noticed that they don't interlink back to us (just a normal link). But then I also noticed that they had an [wikipedia]interwiki map that didn't contain a ref to us. Getting, finally, to my question: is there a wiki way to interwiki back to our wiki from other wikis? —CarlMcCabe

2005-04-03 14:03:27   davis map GIS data has a ton of stuff. what would it take to integrate GIS data into the wiki map? —ArlenAbraham

2005-04-03 17:58:17   [[HR]] does not clear both — it should —KennethWaters

2005-04-09 14:12:34   Two pages needed to be combined, and the only way to move the pictures was to download them from one page, and upload them to another. Was there an easier way to do that? —CraigBrozinsky

2005-04-11 14:28:23   [WWW] I'm back on my clear rampage, and have noted that people have started doing things like this, which are patently incorrect and cause the page to look bad at ecseptionally narrow or wide widths. I'm not sure how to fix it perhaps a [[clear]] tag that causes the next block level html element (such as a <p>) to be blessed with clear:both. I don't personally like this solution but it is a decent compromise, provided people are going to care how pages look and continue padding things out manually. —KennethWaters

2005-04-11 21:14:27   Why not just make the Thumbnail macro inline instead of floating. Then we can move these things around with tables, the same way as we had to do before we had thumbnails. (Of course, this will break even more stuff than the Senate change) —KenBloom

2005-04-18 10:21:19   Given the prominence of "breaking news" on the front page, would it make sense for that link to disappear if no one has edited it after some period of time (3 days maybe)? —CraigBrozinsky

2005-04-20 17:39:26   What exactly happens when someone clicks the "Updated" button on the Recent Changes page? I couldn't find any documentation stating how many edits it covers, how much time it covers, etc. I ask because I frequently find myself clicking on a page, then going to Info->diff to see how its changed in the past 10 minutes. Didn't it work on this latter strategy up to a couple of days ago? Why the change? —CraigBrozinsky

Does anyone who run windows know why so many images are uploaded with names like "C__Documents%20and%20Settings_Leviathan_My%20Documents_My%20Pictures_pse.jpg"? On my mac it grabs just the "pse.jpg" part for the name.

2005-04-22 12:36:33   Is there a way to find out what pages link to a certain page? —GonzaloEyzaguirre

2005-05-18 22:52:40   It would be neat if there were a script that would automatically search the contents of pages currently in the editing process for words that can be linked to other wiki pages and provide a checkbox if you would like to add the link it suggests. Is this possible/desireable?—MichaelGiardina

2005-05-30 12:26:37   When you rename a page it should somehow take the history of the prior page with it. Otherwise it's too hard to see prior versions, or know where a page came from. Or as a quick fix, how about a link on the "info page" to info page of the prior page. Right now the only way to find the old page history it is to find the old page in the recent pages, click on diff (so that way you don't get auto-forwarded), and then click on info. —JaimeRaba

2005-06-21 15:59:12   Would it be possible to create a page that shows recent and/or popular search terms? A page like this would be useful in helping wiki gnomes steer new page development towards the interests of the un-gnomish. —CarlMcCabe

2005-06-25 16:25:08   what is the <(> markup, as seen on the colleges? —ArlenAbraham

2005-07-14 14:13:53   when you make redirect pages, the preview should say <!>This page redirects to page "Page Name"ArlenAbraham

question that seems like this is the place for. every time I log out, I cannot log-in. my password is never remembered. any suggestions on how to make this feature work? Thanks! —rocksanddirt

2005-08-01 16:33:20   if you look at the revision histoy for noodle express it shows the orginial editor as none. what's up with that? —ArlenAbraham

2005-08-04 20:12:59   There are two versions of the Sustainability page. The second one has two spaces at the end of the name. How does one get rid of the second copy? —JasonAller

2005-08-07 22:00:08   if someone does three (no comment) edits in a row, something giant and red should remind them to preview —ArlenAbraham

2005-08-25 00:26:32   I had a long detailed question, but i'll put up the reader's digest version: How does the RandomQuote:People macro work exactly? —MichelleAccurso

2005-08-25 19:51:53   Sorry if this is written somewhere else, but how does one move a picture from Mystery Picture to Mystery Picture/History? —CraigBrozinsky

2005-09-01 12:48:58   I know that a page linking to itself generates no link, this is still the case when that page is used in another page with the include macro. In that case, it might be nice if it generated the link. I know the link could always be put on the page doing the including instead, but if its not too hard of a change, it might be worth making for the flexibility. —JevanGray

2005-09-01 13:01:52   To facilitate searches, is there a way of creating a thesaurus that can be linked to the search function. For example, porn, porno, pornography, adult movies, adult videos, debbie does davis don't bring up the same pages. —CraigBrozinsky

How about we make the default behavior for be the same as that of the [[MailTo]] [wikispot]macro? Then we can do away with the unnecessary wiki syntax whenever there's a displayed email address?

2005-10-09 23:24:12   I know how much everyone hates interwiki linking, but I don't like the way they're parsed sometimes. Say I want to make a wikipedia link to Jägermeister. I would have to enter [wiki:WikiPedia:Jägermeister Jägermeister] which parses like so: [wikipedia]Jägermeister. Wouldn't it make more sense just to enter [wiki:WikiPedia:Jägermeister] and have that look the same way rather than like this: [wikipedia]Jägermeister? Or even simpler [wikipedia:Jägermeister]? —ArlenAbraham

2005-10-10 12:48:32   Hi guys - I was just wondering if there was a reason the wiki wasn't specifically incorporating or advertising the text book lookup program that's hosted on the daviswiki server? —MichaelGiardina

2005-10-11 13:05:44   The event board is weak. I assume this is just a lack of labor to improve it. It should have start and end event times, cost of event, who can go (students only, public, etc.), event reference (URL, newspaper page, etc.), be editable/revertable like other pages, and past events should be viewable too.

2005-10-11 13:56:38   For the restaurants template, there could be an area for the type of payment options they have. i don't know if anyone would actually want to import this info, but this info is currently on one of the city's web pages —CraigBrozinsky

2005-10-20 10:15:11   I'm noticing enough similarities on these link-dumpers that maybe some kind of a filter-script could auto-revert these pages after a specified period of time (so they won't notice they page deletion and go away). —JaimeRaba

2005-10-22 17:10:22   Install NTP to keep the server time set right. It is currently approx. 7.0 minutes fast. —SteveDavison

2005-10-30 20:02:18   do commented lines (ie ## comment) show up in searches? —ArlenAbraham

2005-11-05 00:22:21 Just a note, that any links on the wiki that link to outside ucdavis library resources may now be out of date and link to 404 not found. An example is the "Ask Now" service on Medical Services. These resources likely still exist, but the whole service was reorganized... meaning we might need to do some work on refinding them whenever they come about.

2005-11-06 12:10:00 I'm not sure how the nospam macro works, but would it be more effective to have the email addresses turned into PNGs, or would that just create clutter? - arlen

2005-11-15 Proposal: When making a comment in a comment box... the text explanation of your change in the Recent Changes tab simply reads, "Comment Added." Can we change this to "Comment: FIRST LINE OF COMMENT (cont...)" ? This will perhaps spark interest in those who would otherwise ignore a comment.

2005-11-17 10:12:19   Proposal: Under recent changes, highlight those pages in which the user was the previous editor. In other words, if I edit pages A and B, I am especially interested to know when someone edits them after me as it is more likely to reflect my edits than at any other time. These could be bold, colored, or in some other way brought to the users's attention. Perhaps even a separate tab showing edits of my writings. —SteveDavison

2005-11-26 02:46:05   Can BR have a clear option or is there some other way to have a br clear=both style tag? Witness the "stacking" in The_Posh_Bagel?action=recall&date=1132995500 —JabberWokky

2005-11-26 02:47:57   Also, the latest version in the info page has no date. Is that a technical limitation, or can there be an absolute reference so people can copy the "latest revision" url specifically for reference (rather than "whatever the current revision is" url)? —JabberWokky

2005-12-02 02:23:10   As people add and delete pages, its interesting to see the number of pages ebb and flow around 6000. I added up the number of pages from the User Stats page, and it only added to 5548 (#images is 5587). Are the other 452 code or something? Also, if we can trust the 6000 figure, a polynomial fit of the growth rate (#pages = 0.0061*days*days + 9.0142*days) suggests we'll hit 700 by mid to late january. okay, back to work ... —CraigBrozinsky

2005-12-02 21:21:27   to add to the list of a billion more important things, it would nice if disambiguation pages were filtered from the orphaned pages page. —CraigBrozinsky

2005-12-10 00:59:50   I'd dig it if the logins were done over an SSL-encrypted link. —GrahamFreeman

 <IfModule mod_rewrite.c>

   RewriteEngine On

   RewriteRule ^/User_Preferences(.*) \$1 [NC,R=301,L]


This will redirect HTTP requests for /User_Preferences (or any other path justifying an encrypted connection) to an HTTPS connection. You'll also want to do the reverse (redirect /Front_Page and other non-sensitive pages from HTTPS to HTTP), unless you're cool with the added CPU and bandwidth needs of encrypting all connections.

You'll want to generate a self-signed SSL certificate, or (ideally) use one from [WWW] If you're not sure how to go about doing this, we can meet up at Mishka's or Roma or something and get it done. I'll be back on Sunday. —GrahamFreeman

2006-01-05 21:46:59   Note: uses certs. See, which is linked from [WWW]

2005-12-10 03:02:26   If we are worried about security, can we salt the password hash? I'm unable to follow the entirty of the password handling in a quick audit, but I can tell that they are not salted. Let's not be like mediawiki, instead let's be responsible. —KennethWaters

2005-12-25 20:28:05   There should be a way to revert renames. Right now you have to rename the page to what it was and delete the useless redirect. One of the reasons wiki works is that it's just as easy to vandalize as it is to fix vandalsim. —ArlenAbraham

2006-02-21 01:46:45   Pages that I can't edit, such as Recent Changes have the same "please login to edit" message as when i'm not logged in. it should say something like "you do not have permission to edit this page" —ArlenAbraham

2006-03-15 01:13:23   Has anybody run on daviswiki? —NickSchmalenberger

2006-03-20 18:44:16   Maybe some sort of anniversary macro. [[Anniversary(yyyy-mm-dd)]] would output the number of years since that date. Good for automatically updating the content of the page without editing. —JasonAller

2006-03-28 11:27:14   The spell checker is really whacked (OK, we all knew that). Among other things, it includes question marks, but excludes apostrophes in its tokenizing. This is backwards. —SteveDavison

Two things. First, how does one add a time tag to an entry, e.g. to preface this message? I used to copy the time tag written above the edit frame, but it has dissapeared. Also, I'd like to maintain my #pages predicting equation, but I'm not sure how given the new version of the page counter which reports abnout 1000 pages fewer than the previous version of the page counter. Is there any documentation on the discrepancy? —CraigBrozinsky

2006-05-18 23:07:23 doesn't lead to the events board. does anyone else ever use this? —ArlenAbraham

2006-05-18 23:09:15   The search function shows highlighting for title matches. for example, if you search "technical discussion," and then click on the first title match (this page) there's a little box that says "highlighting off" even though nothing on the page is highlighted. —ArlenAbraham

2006-05-18 23:24:26   The Edit/Info/Talk buttons are not displayed when viewing a diff —ArlenAbraham

2006-06-04 12:05:06   Why does the wiki care about filenames (like case, three letter extension) of uploaded files? It seems like people have had problems with case of their extensions and the response was make the wiki case-insensitive, but I'm curious why it needs to be case anything? Why not just allow any filename that unix allows? —NickSchmalenberger

2005-02-09 13:24:08   It'd be sweet if the events from "Regular Events" were automatically added to the Events board. Probably not an easy task though. —JackHaskel

2005-03-21 18:47:50   Any chance of a WAP/WML interface for advanced mobile users? —TarZxf

2005-01-27 23:58:46   It would be nice to have the option to add ending times on the events board. Editing entries would be cool too. —JackHaskel

2005-10-16 20:44:05   Is there a way to turn off the "Comments" section when making an edit? I sometime confuse the "Reasons for Change" section with the "Add Comment" section of a page. —CraigBrozinsky

2005-10-27 22:27:06   Have a page which is sort of a cross between Recent Changes and the Info diff's. In other words, create a function which will give the diffs (just the diffs) of all the pages changed since the viewer last 'cleared'. This would quickly allow everyone to see what's been happening without having to view each of the pages. Malicious activity would be instantly seen this way, too. —SteveDavison

2005-11-25 19:33:05   Have the wiki generate a separation line between diffs and the actual page content when using Info->diffs. This will make it easier to see where the diffs end and the page begins. —SteveDavison

2005-11-25 19:35:15   Have a sort of macro which would expand (upon Save page) for date and name. For instance, if I write %d it would expand to the current ISO-8601 datestamp, and %u might expand to —SteveDavison

2005-11-25 19:38:41   This has been said before, but Comments should show the start of the text under Recent Changes, instead of "Comment added". —SteveDavison

2005-11-25 19:40:53   The "Please comment about this change" field should be longer. Encouraging more detail is a good thing. —SteveDavison

I propose that a tab called "Events" be created going directly to the Events Board. —SteveDavison p.s. I don't know why the


Note: You must be logged in to add comments

macro was removed from this page -Phil?

2006-04-10 17:27:43   It'd be great if submissions that match certain strings of text (geek translation: "regexes") were automatically flagged for administrator approval before being made publicly available. Similarly, it'd be great if there was a similar list of words to screen from the "Recent Changes" page. This would help to stem some of the less productive debates/flamewars/revert-wars that we've seen lately. —GrahamFreeman

2006-10-16 21:02:19   can we put a cap (or scaling) on image sizes in the events board? it's full of oversized show photos and i can't edit other peoples events to scale them down. —ArlenAbraham

2006-12-28 16:26:16   How do you find revision info for pages that have had their case changed? See GillArlenAbraham

2007-02-12 17:53:33   i realize alexa is kind of a crock, but [WWW]daviswiki traffic jumped enormously in the past month. any ideas why? —CraigBrozinsky

2007-02-12 19:21:14   One feature that I miss from the wiki before sycamore was seeing the size of edits. What was the reason this was taken out? —NickSchmalenberger

2007-03-22 10:40:34   I notice that the "pages deleted files" button seems to have disappeared from the files tab of some pages. Is this true? For what reasons? —NickSchmalenberger

The image isn't listed in "Page's deleted images" because it's currently marked as active on the page. The older versions of the image are on the page for the image — see [WWW]here (under File History). —PhilipNeustrom

2007-04-03 23:48:43   quick edit it amazingly cool. can you make it compatible with pages accessed via the changes buttons on the recent changes page? currently that won't work. —CraigBrozinsky

2007-06-26 22:06:26   EVENT BOARD->ICAL? For the Event Board, has anyone succeeded in using some dynamic ical generator to life the events data into ical format which would be excellent for virtually all calendaring systems, including the one everyone's using these days: google calendar? —JaimeRaba

2007-07-05 21:18:02   Does anyone have an idea why Google seems to hate us all of the sudden? For years Mike and I have been watching our ranking for the search phrase "Davis, California." We've seen the wiki move up in the ranks over the years, and it's always floated somewhere in the first ten pages of results — even from the get go. In the past two years or so it's been consistently on either the first page of results or on the second page. I just noticed that we're absolutely no where to be seen in a search for the phrase, now, which makes me think Google is totally hating on us — but I have no idea why. The first Davis Wiki result is #227 and it's our Volunteer Opportunities page. What the?

For comparison: we're #11 on Yahoo! Search and on the first or second page of all of the other search engines.

I've noticed that we've been disappeared in [WWW]many [WWW]different [WWW]extremely [WWW]relevant queries. What the..

Looking at our web server logs, it doesn't look like google is even really crawling us any more. Using google's "webmaster tools" tells me that "Googlebot last successfully accessed your home page on Dec 12, 2006." No other clues are given in their webmaster tools to tell me why this is the case.

Anyone have any clues? I put in a complaint on their "dissatisfied with your search results?" [WWW]area but I have no faith in it being read. —PhilipNeustrom

2007-07-06 03:28:50   Quickedit... everything is in javascript. But is it in Javascript for non-logged in users (like Google's spider)? —JabberWokky

2007-09-08 19:24:01   Would be nice if the Search also searched the Calendar/Current Events... —GarrettGallegos

i'm sure this is a basic question for some, but when downloading, what is the difference between "compressed source tarball" and "bzipped source tarball"? thanks!

how do i get a copy of the macro that generates the events board? —JessicaRockwell

Why is it that on the Unitarian Universalist Church of Davis page, when I click preview the text begins at the top of the page perfectly aligned with the image. but in actuality the text begins below the picture? *amazed at the mystery* —JessicaRockwell

2007-12-12 12:18:38   How come I'm not allowed to view Locked Pages? —BrentLaabs

2010-02-19 08:16:50   Would it be possible (and desirable) to set up an e-mail notification system for messages/edits to your own User page? I ask because it seems all too common for new users to not discover welcome messages, attempts to help, and so on. I think it would make outreach a bit easier. A simple toggle in User_Settings, on by default, and using the listed e-mail address ought to do the trick. Thoughts? —TomGarberson

2010-03-01 13:58:19   I haven't seen this in my (very brief) scan of the above comments, but I'd be surprised if no one has brought this up before. When going through a pages edit history (by using the "next edit" or "previous edit" button one-by-one), it'd be great to also have the actual edit comment written up there by differences. It can add a lot of context, and unless you're looking at the "info" page you won't see it. For example, [WWW]this edit had the edit log comment of "googlygooglygoo." I understand that this wouldn't be practical (probably) for looking at edits 240 to 260 and have a list of change comments, but is there some way to have that info be added if we're looking at consecutive versions? 251 to 252, 252 to 253, 251 to 250, etc. Like I said, it can really help when someone is tracking hundreds of edits one-by-one. —ES

IP Address Features: It might be handy to have some basic cross-referencing and lookup features for editors' IP addresses. Possibly have either a sub-page or a quick list in a user's userinfo showing each IP address from which they have made edits, so you don't have to look back through their entire edit history to see the different addresses. Also, having each IP address link to a page listing each user who has made edits from that IP would be really handy. —TomGarberson

2010-05-16 10:22:05   The system's [WWW]poor recognition of line-break shifting gets on my nerves sometimes. In that particular edit, I made "zipcar" into a link, and moved Trader Joe's + Car Sharing into the fulfilled wishes section, but you probably won't be able to discern all that without further in-depth examination (okay, I also added a few line breaks to make the raw source more readable, which exacerbated the issue). Which brings up a potentially more troubling thought: the system's shortcomings could be (ab)used to make subtle edits.

Solution: steal whatever RegEx algorithm is used by WinMerge, since they're open source anyway. (half-joking, but still...) —EBT

2010-06-22 16:03:40   When a wiki page is edited, it may be changed in several places, including in the middle of the page. We know that a page has been changed from the Recent Changes page. You can figure out where the page has changed by clicking on "info", and then trying to find the appropriate time range. But the "diff" text that results is shown out of context with the rest of the wiki text. Line numbers are shown for the diff text, but wiki text is not numbered, so it isn't clear where these changes actually are. Furthermore, there may be a series of changes in a selected time range, requiring the user to flip back and forth and search manually for each change in the page context.

A much more efficient way to do this would be to offer a button that combines the time indexing functionality of Recent Changes with the highlighting functionality of Info. If a user turned this feature on or clicked the appropriate button, the page would be displayed with all changes since they last viewed the page highlighted in color. Newer changes could be shown with a stronger highlight color than older ones, to make it easy to follow the progress of the changes over time. The functionality to track the time since a last view is already present in the Wiki in Recent Changes. The Info button would still be retained for people who want to see changes over other time ranges or prefer the current method.

Optionally, metadata such as the edit time and editor ID could be displayed with the highlighted change, or next to it. However, in some cases this info is not required, because edits are already often tagged with names and times.

This has the following advantages:
1) 0 clicks required to see how a page has changed - changes are visible inline, all the time
2) No need to hunt for the context of a change. The highlighting is inline, so the location is obvious
3) More intuitive than the current method, esp. for inexperienced or non-technical users.
4) Extremely simple interface —IDoNotExist

Making the "messages!" notice stand out

2010-12-11 12:07:06   Okay, since there has been some complaints about the "messages!" notice, I've come up with a hack that will make it more noticeable. This is not a code update, just an appearance update. Just to allow the flip side argument: Would anybody have a problem with my installing an update like this? Any support for the messages notice as it is now? —JabberWokky

Option 1: Orange Tab

OrangeTab.pngOrange Tab is a fixed placement tab (so when you scroll up and down, it stays in the upper right hand corner in a very visible fashion

OrangeTab2.pngSame Orange Tab, same page, just scrolled down a bit

Option 2: Yellow Bottom

YellowBottom.pngYellow Bottom is a bar spanning the bottom of the page with a notice. In earlier versions of IE, it just says 'messages!'

Option 3: Yellow Top

YellowTop.pngSimilar to the bottom, Yellow Top spans the top... but without code changes, it overlaps the top of the page. That's a fairly big negative... with the positive being the fact that this is closest to the common notices on the web these days.

2010-12-13 11:24:11   Okay, with very few votes, it looks like number three it is then. I've got a meeting in about seven minutes, but I'll make the change right afterwards. We can always change it in the future. —JabberWokky

Three voices for it, one to keep the same, adding the CSS now. -jw

Now that I have seen the look of the yellow banner at the top, I still like it. Yes, it is big and obnoxious. But that's the point. You can't miss it. People *were* definitely missing it before. Yes, it covers up things. That's good. We want people to click on it in order to make it go away, and see the messages. Often the community is trying to say "hey there! please stop doing what you're doing and talk with us!" So, if it interrupts them a bit, that's what we want. But — for me, it did not take me to my user page. Rather, it took me here: [WWW] — I'm not sure a new user would know what to do with that. I'm using Firefox, btw. —CovertProfessor

2010-12-23 11:33:52   Is the bar there until you click on your userpage? Using both the newest Chrome release and IE9, I see no yellow bar at all anywhere. —EdWins

To send yourself a message
Either log out or use a different browser (that you are not logged in on — I suggest installing [WWW]Arora as a nice lightweight alternate browser), and edit (because it can be edited anonymously). Go back to your logged in browser (or log back in), and [WWW]viola! You have messages!
If you use Chrome, try using "incognito mode" to have a logged out window.

2010-12-23 12:53:26   As an aside, this is part of why I did it this way — I'm trying to open these kinds of things up to community feedback and involvement. So feel free to suggest any alternatives. The original issue was that people weren't noticing the messages button because it was too subtle. There are plenty of ways to alter it (so long as it doesn't require an actual code change). —JabberWokky

I truly wish I had logged in earlier this month, stay away for too long and bad things happen. Maybe it's just Internet Explorer 8, but I think not (apearance of the screens, maybe, complete redirects highly doubt IE causes this). Here's what I'm talking about:


In this image, there used to be a little yellow message alert that would show up next to my name and if I clicked it, viola, boom I go right to my page. Now though with the change that was made in the next image:


I have no choice but to click this huge ugly bar. I can't even see my name, let alone click it (also note not being able to see the DavisWiki logo). So, now I click this huge monstrosity, and, all appearances aside (which might be altered by I.E. and other browsers {which one would think is another problem with these types of changes... kind of annoyed at the suggestion of downloading another browser just to use the wiki}) I am now surprisingly enough not taken to my page at all, but am instead redirected here:

So now, I have not only had no choice but to click this bar which blocked my name, along with any other options I enjoy such as just clicking the recent changes tab... I am now taken completely away from the DavisWiki altogether and have to click my name in the link on the InterWiki/WikiSpot to not only get back to DavisWiki, but also to my page to see the message(s). Yes, ugly and annoying, no offense. I would rather either have this system changed back to the old version (which worked perfectly well) or go to the much less obstructive version. The only other option is to download and install a different browser??? Come on, that's just poopoo talk ... the wiki should be the same for all browsers and I doubt very highly a different browser will cause an Interwiki redirect anyway. If it does, tell me how.

2011-03-18 19:50:18   Still using this? —Wes-P

2011-05-10 10:47:45   So, on Monday afternoon I found myself in a small office with light wood floors, two cheap IKEA desks and a couple of $5 sheets of tileboard glued to the side of the wall to serve as whiteboards. In short, I was in Mike and Philip's office. They gave me a fairly comprehensive overview of what they have accomplished so far in an actual demo of the working software. While it still has some bugs and a simplistic UI, it's pretty clear they have done some outstanding work. I didn't use it, but over Philip's shoulder I was shown that the GUI interface is in place, demoed one of the best mapping systems I've ever seen, and led through a few other really impressive bits. We talked tech for a bit, and they are — as they planned to from the beginning — really using the Django framework in a way that should keep things easier to update over time, so long as we have active development of the software. We also spoke about improving the visibility of their work so that we, the current community, know what's going on, and came up with some good ideas toward that goal. I'll write up a longer (and more public) overview of my impressions in the next day, but I do want to say that the work to date has been oriented toward a very calculated and clear improvement of what we have. —JabberWokky

2013-02-12 12:33:30   Could there be an app created for the davis wiki? That would be awesome!! —JenniferStanton

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