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As of late, I have been converting the information tables at the top of pages from a [WWW]single column deal to [WWW]multiple columns. The situations where a single column data table is best are the rare exceptions, certainly not the rule. The single column unnecessarily makes the page longer, requiring more scrolling to get to the article text. While the TQ page is a custom job, most pages could start off much better by using two columns. ([WWW]Before, [WWW]After). I believe that the templates themselves should be of this new two column design and we can revert back to the old 1 column design where appropriate. However, some objections have been raised. Some people think that the two column templates are too hard for the novice to update. My response is that the two column tables aren't significantly more confusing than then one column tables. As always, gnomes will fix the mistakes of the newbies. Also, I think having two templates, one one col, one two col, is more confusing than editing the two col layout. What do you guys think? —WilliamLewis

I like the 2 col template a lot; it is easier to read and I don't like scrolling down, especially with the apartment complex pages which include so much information on amenities. If there are a large number of people who want to retain the 1 col standard, why not just use the 2 col as the apartment complex template? It seems to me that's where it's most needed.
I do think that when the 2 col template is used for the apartment complexes, it's necessary to keep amenities in the same basic order so that it's easier to tell when something's missing, rather than just list them in any order. —ElleWeber

Hi folks,
As of late when I make a new page they pretty much always have


Can we just include these two includes in templates / new pages so they have them by default?
Another thing that I believe new users would find helpful would be including some form of commenting that explains what they do
Kinda like
##This include shows that the page is a seed, from which others can help it grow!
## This include signals a request for a photo, and helps photographers know what entries need pics!

seed-000.png This entry is a seed, a starting point for writing a full entry.
You can help the Davis Wiki by expanding it! Just click the "Edit" button.

Happy Little Trees.png This page is in need of a Photo.
To add an image to this page, click "Edit" then click the "Files" button.
Anyone feel free to adjust the phrasing of the code comment, this is rather rough draft
Thanks Daubert
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