Wiki Developers


If you'd like to get involved, please do! These are the people who have contributed to the backend of Davis Wiki in some way:

Please see [WWW] for more information.


For wiki-centric stuff, please email <daviswiki AT gmail DOT com> (for now).


We started the site using [WWW]MoinMoin, a popular wiki engine. However, we have throughly hacked the [WWW]MoinMoin code in nearly every respect. We maintain information about our open-source wiki software, called Sycamore, at [WWW]

For our site-search we are using the [WWW]Xapian API. It's an indexing and querying system that seems to work well.

More can be found in Wiki History.

Help wanted

Got a special talent? Put it to good use by helping out!

If you would like to help please contact PhilipNeustrom.

If any of you folks are in Davis for the 2006 Summer, drop me a line! I'm doing some heavy coding this summer and working on a top secret project!PhilipNeustrom

Would Daviswiki like $500? Here's the deal: I need Sycamore installed on my in-house corporate server, but first I need it modified to accept text, pdf and doc attachments. Modify Sycamore, help me install it on my server, and I'll a) donate $500 to your fund and b) contact a couple of my local corporate friends and see if they will make matching donations. Here's the fine print:My server runs Windows Server 2003. Apache and perl are already installed and working. I must have enough information to create documentation on how to do a bare-metal restore of Sycamore. For the donation, I need some document showing your tax-exempt status or else I'll have to give it to an individual along with a 1099 form. The $500 is due and payable when Sycamore is up and running to my satisfaction. If anyone is interested in helping me, please contact me at or call 297-6073 and ask for Jim

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