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gnomes.jpgA couple of gnomes

Wiki Gnomes are users who focus on taking care of the wiki by handling the little things. Gnomes are ordinary editors just like you — if you want to be a gnome, just dive right in and start editing: fix links, create new links, fix wording for grammar or clarity, etc. In fact, you may already be a gnome and not know it! See the [gnome]Wiki Gnome Headquarters or [c2]Wiki Gnome on Ward's Wiki for more information.

Old gnomes may suffer from wiki fatigue and appear cranky even when they have the best interests of the wiki at heart. Usually a vacation away from the wiki will help return the gnome back to their usual helpful and welcoming self. You can prevent gnome abuse by helping out overworked or overwhelmed gnomes.

Some gnomes are also philosophers.

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2008-12-07 15:39:17   Those gnome hats are SO last year. No self respecting gnome would be caught wearing one of those any more. All the fashionable gnomes wear bowler hats made from real bowlers now... —IDoNotExist

2008-12-07 17:12:43 was a joke. Really. Wow. —IDoNotExist

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