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2013-02-26 and other sites on our server experienced many hours of downtime today. Things should be back to normal now. Technical details here.

2012-12-16 We experienced a few hours of downtime this morning and yesterday morning. Currently investigating possible causes.

2011-12-09 We experienced approximately 2 hours of unexpected server downtime. Things should be back up now. Currently investigating possible causes. And thanks go to Ken for helping out.

2011-11-30 [WWW]DentonWiki, the first [WWW]LocalWiki pilot community, launches! And the first general-public version of the [WWW]LocalWiki software is released!

2011-04-06 Use Twitter? [WWW]Follow DavisWiki on Twitter!

2011-03-31 Local Wiki [WWW]update opens submissions for first localwiki pilot community.

2011-03-13 Davis Wiki was the subject of a [WWW]SxSW panel.

2011-02-28 There will be a planned 15 minute downtime tonight sometime between 8pm - 10pm as the server is migrated.

2011-02-25 [WWW]

2010-06-26 [WWW]We're in the New York Times today!

Some folks will be tabling at the Farmers Market today to spread the wiki cause and [WWW]ask for pledges for our fundraiser drive. There will be wiki stickers! Come out and join us!

2010-06-24 The Davis Wiki was recently featured in articles at [WWW]Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard, [WWW]The Sacramento Bee, [WWW]The Modesto Bee, [WWW]PoynterOnline, [WWW]Gawker, [WWW]boingboing, and [WWW]reddit. Additionally, [WWW]Local Wiki was featured on the [WWW]New York Times Media Decoder blog, [WWW]The Bay Citizen, and other news sites.

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