In general, it blows. Fortunately, Davis is not too windy of a place (despite getting North wind). A good place to find real time wind speed and direction is the [WWW]AWOS station at the University Airport.
Prevailing wind direction in Davis is SSW most of the year. NNW occurs often enough in December and January that the wind can be said to "prevail" from that direction in those two months. The rest of the year NNW wind (called "north wind") is intermittent, but gustier than our usual prevailing Delta breeze (which is SSW).

Occasionally we get a windstorm that tosses a bunch of branches around, dries out your face, and sends your allergies off the charts. They can pop up a few times a year and last for a day or two. These are usually winds coming from the northwest.

April 2013 was f*ing windy. While it wasn't super windy every day, it was very windy a lot of days. For example:

The winds of February 23, 2012, on the other hand, resulted in a massive release of plastic bags from the Yolo County Landfill.

SummerWindRainDavis.jpgSummer Wind and Rain in Davis in 2013

Davis10272013.jpgWind in Davis on October 27, 2013. You can see the dust blown up by the wind at the end of the cycling and walking path. "Research Park" - HTC photo by CO

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