Winter 2005 ASUCD Election/Bizarro World


What if...

With any election, you can always ask many hypothetical questions: "what if a different voting system had been used?" "what if different alliances had been made?"

...Eric Fox had worked with Friends Urging Campus Kindness?

Awesome publicity:ericfirefox.jpg
I had this idea during the election, but why help your opponents? I think it suits an independent candidate better anyway. Oh, and Eric is awesome up there.BrentLaabs

...Block Voting had been used?

I know its not necessarily accurate because people vote strategically (in fact may not be at all), but I'd be curious to see what would have happened if everyone's top six (or eight?) choices got voted for like in the old system. For that matter, what would have happened if there were six seats rather than eight? -KrisFricke


1434 Robert Roy - (38.6% of voters)
1232 Avanindar Avi Singh - (33.1% of voters)
1166 Kristen Birdsall - (31.4% of voters)
1094 Kyle Keene - (29.4% of voters)
1049 Pedro Hernandez - (28.2% of voters)
1040 Teresa Kenny - (28.0% of voters)
1037 Arsen Ari Kalfayan - (27.9% of voters)
1034 Devin Whitney - (27.8% of voters)

980 Paul Ivanov - (26.4% of voters)
931 Nadeah Vali - (25.0% of voters)
879 Chad Reverend VanSchoelandt - (23.6% of voters)
851 Ami Vora - (22.9% of voters)
851 Jonathon Leathers - (22.9% of voters)
812 Eric Fox - (21.8% of voters)
762 Andrew Wong - (20.5% of voters)
759 Kale Jenks - (20.4% of voters)
752 Cindy Yu - (20.2% of voters)
722 Ann Marie Sanchez - (19.4% of voters)
698 Behzad Farahbakhsh - (18.8% of voters)
639 Gemma Jimenez - (17.2% of voters)
626 Mohammad Yahya Rouhani - (16.8% of voters)
560 Justin Hourany - (15.1% of voters)
552 Kai Savaree-Ruess - (14.8% of voters)

I have to add the caveats that people might vote differently if the system was different, etc and so on. Still it's a fun what if game.

I'm starting to think that whole choice voting thing is stupid. Damn principles. Why must morals always get in the way?BrentLaabs

...Countback was in place and someone resigned?

These are unofficial results if one Senator were to resign, and all other candidates participated in the countback. Results calculated using a beta version of StoveTop.

Rob Roy

Avi Singh

Ari Kalfayan

Kristen Birdsall

Cindy Yu

Eric Fox

Kyle Keene

Nadeah Vali

For a list of these results for the Fall 2004 election go to the Countback page.

...And who got the most #23 (last place) votes:

Chad Reverend VanSchoelandt* 64
Arsen Ari Kalfayan 61
Mohammad Yahya Rouhani 46
Cindy Yu 39
Behzad Farahbakhsh 36
Robert Roy 34
Eric Fox 28
Ami Vora 25
Nadeah Vali 24
Kai Savaree-Ruess 21
Andrew Wong 21
Kale Jenks 20
Pedro Hernandez 18
Avanindar Avi Singh 18
Justin Hourany 17
Gemma Jimenez 15
Devin Whitney 13
Ann Marie Sanchez 12
Paul Ivanov 10
Kyle Keene 10
Teresa Kenny 9
Kristen Birdsall 8
Jonathon Leathers 8

* This is the second election in a row that Chad has received the most last place votes. He is probably one of the most polarizing figures on Campus, so it makes sense.

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