Winter 2012 ASUCD Election


The Winter 2012 ASUCD Elections were held between February 21st at 8am through February 24th at 8am. Six Senators were elected along with the President and Vice President. There were 15 candidates competing for 6 senate seats, and two executive tickets running. Voting took place, as always, at [WWW]

The CoHo debate for Senate candidates was scheduled for Monday, February 13th from 11AM-1PM. The CoHo debate for Executive tickets was scheduled for Tuesday, February 14th from 12PM-1PM. The ballot measure debate was also currently scheduled for February 14th.

Rebecca Sterling & Yena Bae bested Bree Rombi & Amy Martin for the Executive Office.

The senatorial winners were: Beatriz Anguiano of the SMART slate; and independents Paul Min, Bradley Bottoms, Kabir Kapur, Don Gilbert, and Joyce Han.

Bizarro World

Imagine a world without Choice Voting. Or one in which the person who gets the most last place votes is sent to participate in a battle royale of hunger games. Welcome to ASUCD Election Bizarro World.

All of the usual disclaimers apply, about how voter behavior would be different if they were in a pick-6 system, etc.

Top 6

If voters had elected their top 6 choices instead, the winners would be...

Votes(Top 6) Name
1650 Joyce Han
1533 Donkeyonta Gilbert
1527 Bradley Bottoms
1300 Jaki (Jacklyn) Joanino
1281 Paul Min
1107 Marcus King
1090 Beatriz Anguiano
978 Chucha (Jose) Marquez
952 Kabir Kapur
940 Norman Borgonia
919 Desun Oka
812 Dylan Schaefer
646 Patrick Devlin
510 Colten Ellison Saunders
365 Jonathan Soo Hoo

Most Hated

People who ranked their ballots all the way down to the 15th place voted for a candidate who will mathematically never receive their vote. For those who come up last, they become the Most Hated Person on Campus — a badge of honor for some.

Votes(Last) Name
178 Jonathan Soo Hoo
63 Marcus King
56 Patrick Devlin
50 Paul Min
44 Chucha (Jose) Marquez
41 Joyce Han
40 Norman Borgonia
39 Colten Ellison Saunders
38 Kabir Kapur
37 Bradley Bottoms
34 Jaki (Jacklyn) Joanino
30 Dylan Schaefer
28 Donkeyonta Gilbert
26 Desun Oka
13 Beatriz Anguiano

Condorcet Winner

The [WWW]Condorcet winner (the least objectionable candidate) of this election was Joyce Han.


Breaking with tradition, The California Aggie did not endorse any candidates in this election and instead [WWW]wrote evaluations of the candidates based on interviews done by the Aggie editorial board.


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