Winter 2014 ASUCD Election/Nav

   Winter 2014   
ASUCD Elections
Senate Candidates
NOW SMART Independent
Amelia Helland Andrea Jao Artem Senchev
Anthony Gil Azka Fayyaz Diana Lopez Solorzano
Arya Shirani Sierra Henderson Gloria Chen
Eugenia Chung Nicholas Sanchez Gulraj Gul Gill
Sergio Gonzalez Robyn Huey
Zeenat Yahya
Executive Tickets
NOW Ryan Wonders & Sumeeta Ghai
SMART/Independent Armando Figueroa & Maxwell Kappes
Independent Hadeyeh Hidarinejad & Christopher Myers
Ballot Measures
Save the Aggie*
Bolded entries indicate victors
*Subsequently invalidated by order of the ASUCD Court
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