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  1. What the Women's Center Offers
    1. A Welcoming Space
    2. Educational Programs
    3. Information
    4. A Library
    5. Academic Support
    6. Scholarships and Prizes
    7. Past Events
    8. Media

North Hall (first floor)
UC Davis campus
9:00am - 5:00pm Mon-Fri
(530) 752-3372
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Womens_Center_sandwich.JPG The Women's Resource and Research Center (commonly known as the Women's Center) is on the east side of campus near the MU. They have a library which features 12,000 books which cover over 350 topics concerning women and gender. In the library are some tables and seats plus two Macs for students to use.

There's also the Righteous Babes Lounge that is often quite warm and toasty in the winter and great for rainy days which is also available for organizations to reserve to use the space for meetings and such.

UC Davis is committed to creating an environment in which women can thrive. The University recognizes that achieving equity for women must be a goal for all members of the campus community. The Women's Resources & Research Center is a catalyst for realizing UCD's goal of an inclusive and equitable campus community.

What the Women's Center Offers

A Welcoming Space

An accessible, central campus location in North Hall. Informal, comfortable gathering places for groups and individuals to meet, study and socialize. General use computers with Internet access. A safe, woman-friendly environment.

Educational Programs

Workshops, classes, conferences, exhibits, performances and special events focused on women and gender. Educational programs tailored to the specific needs and interests of your group or your class. Electronic and in-person discussion groups for those with common interests or concerns. Support for programs on women and gender sponsored by others.


A Library

A large, specialized collection of books, periodicals and Internet resources focusing on women and gender. Resources and references for research, class assignments, and personal growth. A full-time librarian to assist library users. Comfortable study and leisure reading areas. Check out their [WWW]collection online.

Academic Support

Scholarships and Prizes

Past Events



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2007-04-04 18:02:00   it's awesome to see the WRRC is publicizing thru the wiki!! —JessicaRockwell

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