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wotd_041305.jpgWOTD for 4/13/05

The word of the day is posted every weekday in the north-south hallway at the west end of Haring Hall near the vending machines. There is even a special plastic "word of the day" holder designed to hold an 8.5"x11" sheet of paper. It is my understanding that one guy (probably a professor in the School of Veterinary Medicine) has been posting the word of the day for years.

Some choice previous words of the day:

2007-02-27 13:46:01   No Word of the Day Today

2008-03-22 17:09:34   The word of the day has disappeared! Anybody know what happened to it? I liked it. —MartySmith

UPDATE (10/24/2009): The Word of the Day has been removed for quite some time. No new words have been up for the last year or so.

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