World Records


Davis is host to a number of World Records, some of them registered with [wikipedia]Guinness. On a smaller scale, there are a lot of interesting records within Davis' borders.

  1. Guinness
    1. World's Largest Bicycle Parade
    2. World's Largest Flashmob
    3. Longest paperclip chain
      1. References
    4. David Phillips
    5. Lis Harvey
  2. Records to Break/Planning
    1. World's Largest Simultaneous Dance?


These are the records that are to be confirmed, or have been confirmed by [WWW]Guinness authorities.

World's Largest Bicycle Parade

Saturday, March 3rd, 2007 the Aggie Pack organizes the World's Largest Bicycle Parade with around 900 bicycles snaking single-file through campus.

World's Largest Flashmob

Thursday, February 1, 2007, Zack Crockett organizes the World's largest flashmob which applauded the people at the Memorial Union ATMs when the MU bell tower chimed noon.

Longest paperclip chain

February 13, 2004, Dan Meyer puts together 54,030 paper clips to create a "5,340-foot paper clip chain".


David Phillips

David Phillips, also know as "pudding guy" probably holds the record for most amount of frequent flier miles redeemed from food purchases. [WWW]See Time magazine story

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Lis Harvey

Folk musician Lis Harvey, holds the [WWW]Guinness-confirmed record for "Fastest Solo Female Musician to Play A Concert in All 50 States." Lis played 52 shows in 50 US states in 60 days in 2002. Lis currently resides in Davis, and has played locally at Bistro 33, Delta of Venus and Cafe Roma.

Records to Break/Planning

It's readily apparent that Davis has a large population of people willing to get together and do silly things. We should try and find more records and break them, making 2007 the year of record breaking. Perhaps we can break the most records in one town in one year. Someone should go fetch a copy of the [WWW]Guinness Book of World Records and find some good ones. The website is incomplete, but the [WWW]world's largest wobble board ensemble looks easy enough.

Where can we procure 400 wobble boards? —StevenDaubert

World's Largest Simultaneous Dance?

I just found about about [WWW]Thrill The World which hopes to get in the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest simultaneous dance of Michael Jackson's Thriller. It is set for October 27, 2007. They are encouraging people to host an event, and I figured maybe some Davisites might want to participate. The website has written instructions/choreography and there are video instructions on YouTube as well. Thoughts? -EmmyMelton

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