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Help Write the new Davis Bike Plan

The Davis Bike Plan dictates future planning and policy for bicycles in the city. The plan was updated in 1991 and 2001, and is due for a revision in 2007. The plan must be filed with the state by November, 2007 for projects to be eligible for funding from SACOG funds.

Public Works staff and the city's Bicycle Advisory Commission have been compiling a list of suggested plan components from the public, posted below.

As the city is short-staffed at present, the bicycle advocacy group Davis Bicycles! is assisting the city by inviting members of the public to write a 2 page "briefing" about any components of the plan that they feel particularly passionate or knowledgeable about.

Davis Bicycles! had an Bike Plan brainstorming meeting on July 23, 2007. 25 people were in attendance, and participants collectively volunteered to write about 40 of the plan elements. Those that were not able to attend the meeting are invited to review the list below, and adopt one or more issues to write a 1 - 3 page summary of the issues in the following format:

After a component is written up, it will look something like this
Abandoned1.jpgAbandoned Bikes p.1 Abandoned2.jpgAbandoned Bikes, p. 2

Notes on quality issues:
We are just coming up with ideas that we think will work. They should be sensible and legal, but otherwise we are welcome to come up with whatever innovative ideas that we can think of. That said, the more conventional the idea, the easier it will be to get it into the plan. So don't be shy, don't worry if you can't write up an entire document, if you just want to pick at topic and write up as much as you can, it will be a good start.

Ken Celli is the Editor In Chief of the project, and he is relatively free until August 1st, when he starts a new assignment. Since it only takes an hour or two to write up most of the components, we are asking people to contribute by **Friday July 27** if at all possible. Otherwise, but Friday, Aug 2 for the second round (Ken wasn't really planning to do anything that weekend anyway :))

So, choose a topic you have an interest in, and write about it. If you can take a photo or two of good or bad policy or planning, great. Downloading photos from google maps is good too.

Existing plans:
To see the current Davis Bike Plan, look at the city's web page at Compare to 2001 [WWW]Bike Plan.

To see the 1991 Davis Bike Plan (which had an aggressive set of major improvements, most of which have been built, go to 1991 Bike Plan.

Signing up:
If you have registered on the Davis Wiki, just sign in and doubleclick on the topic you want to claim, and write your name in the "person" category. If this is too complicated, email bikeplan@davisbicycles.org and tell Ken which one you are choosing, and we'll put your name on it.

Below are the possible topics suggested thus far. If you have a topic not on the list, feel free to add it and write about it. Topics are grouped into the following areas.

    1. Help Write the new Davis Bike Plan
    2. Capital Projects
    3. Yolo County issues
    4. Maintenance
    5. Planning and Programming
    6. Parking Issues
    7. Street Issues
    8. Education
    9. Enforcement
    10. Encouragement
    11. Other issues

Capital Projects

Topic Person ?
Fifth Street/Downtown reassessment. ?
Connector between Dave Pelz overcrossing and Old Hwy. 40 bike path. Ken Celli
Signage for residents and tourists for all bike facilities. Russell Reagan
Perimeter bike corridor and grade separated crossings (from 1991 bike plan). Mont Hubbard
Hickory Lane/Olive Drive/UPRR/Gateway undercrossing (as a part of transit parking/bike station?). ?
Russell from A to C bike lanes (from 1991 bike plan). ?
Fifth St. from C to L bike lanes (from 1991 bike plan). ?
First St. bike lanes (from 1991 bike plan). ?
Direct connection from Putah Creek bike path to I-80 Undercrossing Putah Connection.pdf. Anthony Palmere
113 overcrossing at Greenbelt in N. Davis (1991 bike plan). ?
Covell at L St. undercrossing or overcrossing (1991 bike plan). ?
Pole Line at N. Davis city limits overcrossing or undercrossing (1991 bike plan). ?
Free park and bike lot to downtown and UCD located in S. Davis near the bike tunnels into downtown. ?
Covell overcrossing or undercrossing at Birch Lane to provide safe route to school. ?
Pole Line overcrossing or undercrossing at Loyola to provide safe route to school (bike light is timed too fast for safety). ?
Reconfigure bike path under train tracks at Little League fields – very unsafe. Jeff
Russell undercrossing at Arthur. ?
Connect Alhambra to Pelz Caryn Holmes
Overpass: Borders to Boy Scouts Leo
Rework 1st and E and small bike tunnel @ Richards Nancy Redpath
Mace overcrossing issues Mike Purcell and Chris Higgins
City-Campus connectivity issues Alex Mandel
Putah Parkway to Pole Line—frontage bike path on I-80, including tunnel under Richards (when Richards interchange is reconfigured) Ted Buehler

Yolo County issues

Topic Person
Bike Path across Yolo Bypass Channel (parallel to I-80 Causeway) Ted Sommer
Uniform, adequate width of bike lanes on Road 102, Davis - Woodland (esp around field of solar panels) Sarah Green
Bike Route from North Davis Estates to Covell Blvd. Kelly Ridgeway


Topic Person ?
bike path sweeping, resurfacing, keeping heavy city vehicles off, striping; general maintenance policy needed. Neil
Bicycle signal heads at other points in town ?
Traffic signal activation (also a maintenance issue). Jim Watson
Maintenance – need regular program for sweeping (purchase sweeper), etc. See above. ?
Street lighting. ?
Vegetation issues on Old US 40 bike Path Chris Higgins

Planning and Programming

Topic Person ?
Downtown – safety, convenience, parking. Should there be a Council appointed task force to review all aspects of the problem? Should include BAC, SAC, DDBA, Chamber of Commerce, and other interested parties. ?
Safe school routes – multiple issues, but goal is to increase cycling or walking to school. Routes may be safe, but perception is that they are not. Need signage and possible infrastructure improvements. Problem with public agencies is that accidents need to happen before action is taken, regardless of perception of unsafe route. ?
Direct routes across town – (5th Street or equivalent) ?
Bicycle and other traffic circulation patterns – there exists no study that maps such patterns. Should Davis create a task force to study overall traffic circulation and make recommendations for improvements to enhance all modes of travel? ?
Comprehensive bike circulation plan – intersection survey, etc. See above. ?
Requirements for new developments. ?
Coordination with other communities. Solveig and Jim Piefer
Parking ordinance and engineering guidelines. See above. ?
Bicycle Advisory Commission should work with Planning Commission on any project that includes bicycle facilities. ?
Current practice bike facility standards Steve Tracy

Parking Issues

Topic Person ?
Multiple venues where parking could be greatly improved. Other cities have bicycle parking ordinances – should Davis? \ ?
Bike Station. Leo
Bicycle parking –Amtrak Nancy Davis
Bicycle parking –Movie theaters Ted Sommer
Bicycle parking –Farmer’s market Neil
Bicycle parking –Downtown, of course ?
Bicycle parking –High School ?
Bicycle parking –Shopping centers ?
Bicycle parking –Stacked parking? ?
Bicycle parking –Covered parking? ?
How do bike parking facilities compare with automobile parking? ?
Small keyed lockers at high use areas for storage of valuables ?

Street Issues

Topic Person ?
Bicycle friendly freeway interchanges. ?
Rehabilitation of bicycle facilities in the core area of Davis. Most new developments have facilities designed and implemented. The older part of Davis has antiquated facilities, such as the tunnel from H St. to J St., and the entire downtown area. ?
Traffic calming should be integrated with bicycle and pedestrian facilities so that it doesn’t interfere with other modes. ?
Bicycle lane obstructions – yard waste, for example. Nancy Davis
Diagonal parking downtown – why not have reverse diagonal parking, used other places? ?
Reconfiguration of Covell bike lanes at Harper – kids ride on sidewalk, and are forced to ride the wrong way because of fence. Caryn Holmes
Painted bike lanes Jim Watson


Topic Person ?
Bike Museum and Information Center as both tourist attraction and educational facilty ?
BAC awards to citizens promoting cycling. ?
Programs to emphasize that cyclists have the same rights as autos. ?
Programs to minimize user conflict (peds, skateboarders, etc.). Enforcement also. ?
School educational programs about cyclist rights and responsibilities (K-12; University). ?
Regular Davis Enterprise feature or column. ?
Regular School Board interaction with BAC. ?
School programs on the benefits of cycling (health, fitness, environment). ?
Automobile driver education (how to use right turn lanes properly with bike lanes, etc.). ?
Bicycle rider education on all laws – bike path, intersections, earphones. ?
Need surveys of residents about why they do or don’t cycle (last survey done in 2005). ?
Informational handout on laws and responsibilities for bicycle purchasers. ?
Lights should be sold with bicycles (should this be mandatory? Cars all come with lights.). ?
Summer Bicycling program sponsored by Parks and Community Services, BAC, and local bike shops, modeled on the Aquatics program. ?
Bike Fairs at schools. ?
AYSO program of 2006 extended to other organized activities (trend toward out-of-town fields should be resisted). ?
Publicity campaigns on air quality, global warming, student health, etc., with Council, Natural Resources Commission, and Public Works Dept. ?
Required orientation for new UCD students. ?


Topic Person ?
Improve abandoned bicycle program. ?
Formal bicycle officer program. ?
Increased enforcement of lights after dark (giveaway program?). ?
Increased enforcement of illegal headphones. ?
Regular PD interaction with BAC. ?
One day a month focused enforcement with UCD PD. ?
Establish a bicycle traffic school with UCD (other penalties than fines for violators under 18 are already allowed by City Code). ?
VIPS safety stops. ?


Topic Person ?
Bike auction or other resale mechanism reestablished for local residents. ?
Donation program of bikes and parts to charities. ?
Establish pedicab program. ?
Expand data collection program and formalize it in PW and PD. ?
Commuter showers and other amenities to encourage bike commuting. Ted Sommer
Annual “Auto Free” day in Davis. ?
Reward cyclists on “Spare the Air” days. ?
Organize Bike Repair Russell Reagan
Survey non-cyclists for incentives needed to get them on bikes more often Russell Reagan
Bike Barometer Steve Inness

Other issues

Topic Person ?
Transit access – Yolobus is upgrading to 3-bike racks; Unitrans has none. ?
Web Site: Problem reporting for issues such as hazards, debris in bike lanes, etc. ?
Web Site: Hazard/detour notification. ?
Web Site: Stolen bicycle reports. ?
Web Site: Bicycle Plan community involvement. ?
Web Site: Enforcement education – on-line citation handling? ?
Web Site: Online mapping Michelle and Neil
Ideas from other municipalities. ?
Staff for data collection and other tasks. ?
Change role of Bike/Ped Coordinator to full engineering staff member comparable to automobile traffic engineer. ?
Create marketing plan to distinguish Davis as the Bicycle capital of the United States ?

city vehicles, most notoriously the police and occasionally parks and rec love to drive heavy vehicles on the bike paths that specifically nix that, and I can think of several bike paths that could use a genuine resurface. Talk to me Ted... Oh P.S. I like the red abandoned bike tag the best, it catches the eye and conveys the gravity of the situation —StevenDaubert

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