Writing Across Media



Taught by Dr. Andy Jones, TCS 191, Writing Across Media, introduces students to experimental approaches to writing for different media and artistic practices, including photography, art installations, radio, film and film criticism, and live staged and multimedia performances. Participants in the class will explore how written texts relate to the images, sounds, and performances in digital and media production. Participants will complete a significant number of in-class and out-of-class writing assignments, both individually and as parts of groups. Our common themes, creativity and discovery, will inform all your reading and writing assignments, and prepare you to engage, challenge and impress readers, viewers, and listeners.

In essence, how to write as a creative professional.

No physical book is necessary because Tim Kerbavez PDFed and OCRed the whole thing, available on Smartsite.


Week 1: Introductions, Poetry and Photography

Week 2: Writing Modern Art

Week 3: Storyboarding and the Book

Week 4: Rethinking the Book, Writing with Audio

Week 5: Audio; Photograph

Week 6: Storyboarding II

Week 7: Conceiving Film

Week 8: Performance

Week 9: Interactivity and Wikis

Week 10: Catch up


10% Class participation

20% Collaborative presentation

30% Individual assignments

10% Position paper

30% Final paper

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