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''2007-11-13 15:08:43'' [[nbsp]] Fair sized portion, good toppings and it didn't leave a bad taste in my mouth for 2 hours like Swirl does. --["Users/GrumpyoldGeek"]


113 E Street
(530) 750-7777
Payment Method(s)
Cash, Checks and Credit cards

The Yogurt Shack offers self serve frozen yogurt. All the yogurt is non-fat. There are many different flavors. You can also sample them, just ask one of the employees for a sample. You get a cup (they have two sizes and also use biodegradable cups), pick whatever and how much frozen yogurt you want, pick whatever toppings you want and then they weigh it. It is 40 cents an ounce. They also sell water and sodas. There is also a waffle cone option so you can make your own waffle cone if you want. Also they sell candy at 50 cents an ounce.

Every Saturday some flavors are changed to new ones or old favorites. So keep a look out.

Suggestions for toppings and flavors are always welcome!


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2007-09-04 22:27:08   I attended the grand opening and it was great.Free yogurt after the big game hit the spot. I recommend the choc, swirl or vanilla flavor. They also have tropical and fruit yogurt. Lots of toppings to choose very over 20, very tasty. The staff is super friendly and the atmosphere very welcoming a great addition to a college town !!! —ElizabethBarthel

2007-09-11 11:00:03   I think its great that they offer compostable cups, however there is no receptacle for composting, so these special cups are just going in the regular garbage. I tried e-mailing the Yogurt Shack to suggest that they provide a composting receptacle, but the e-mail bounced. —LaurenMcNees

2007-09-12 13:10:24   ill be sure to let him know about the composting receptacle and about the email. thanks —JackkiCox

2007-09-15 18:18:07   expensive if you get a lot, but a nice option if you just want a taste. Also they offer fresh fruit with the yogart (currently blueberries and strawberries). I kind of wish all the candy was self serve though, and with the yogart. —MattHh

2007-09-17 22:29:42   We went there for the first time today and they either way over charged us or they are way to expensive. We got 5 yogurts (2 adults and 3 kids all in the small cup) and it was just over $25. It was good but I think $5 per yogurt is a bit crazy. They weren't even big ones. —HeatherFlood

2007-09-19 10:03:39   Went there for the first time yesterday. Great prices, I got a good-sized serving with all my toppings for a little over 3 bucks, however, the decor seemed a little lacking... the whitish walls just seemed so sterile considering it is a "shack". BUT yummy yogurt! I wasn't a fan of the NY Cheesecake though, it tasted weird. —ChristyL

2007-09-23 20:34:03   Ok, I have to say I don't really understand the concept behind this place (and similar places) — you get yogurt, as opposed to ice cream, because it's healthier? less fat? And then you throw a lot of high fat candy on it? Or do some people genuinely prefer frozen yogurt to soft serve ice cream? But even though I can't make sense of it logically, I have to admit it's downright tasty. I tend to go for a yogurt with chocolate in it; black cherry was also good, whereas I couldn't really taste the peanut butter in the peanut butter chocolate. As for toppings, I imagine I'm pretty boring as these things go, but heath bar, brownie, oreos, and coconut make a good combo. $3 gave me a portion that was plenty big enough (easier to achieve if you take the smaller cup — there's definitely a tendency to get more with the larger cup). I saw people walking all over town with cups of this stuff, and so I'm guessing this place will do pretty well. Oh, and if you want to be "virtuous," you can get just the yogurt alone, or yogurt with just fruit. —CovertProfessor

2007-09-23 20:35:01   I actually like the taste of frozen yogurt better than ice cream. —Graham.Freeman

2007-10-03 10:17:56   Maybe some tangy (like Pinkberry's) or Asian flavors (like taro, red bean, or green tea). I also really like mochi balls as a topping like Yogurtland in Irvine has. I tried substituting marshmallows in for the mochi balls and it wasn't very good that way. Too sweet. —DiLane

2007-10-03 23:15:46   I happen to love frozen yogurt, it is delicious, hmm as for this place, it is good yogurt, and the toppings are great, I love having a wide selection; perhaps I am a bit cheap, but it is a bit more expensive than I like, especially as the coffee house sells it at near half the rate, but I suppose with less flavors and the lack of toppings. I suppose it is a good price given the lack of real alternative, I just wish they had more flavors. —DavidPoole

2007-10-12 20:31:49   This place sucks. Please replace yogurt shack with PINKBERRY. The cappuccino flavored yogurt just tastes like chocolate. I think the soft serve yogurt at the DC might just be about the same as this place, minus all the candy toppings. When I went last weekend Yogurt shack only had two types of fresh fruit and some canned pineapple. This place is not good at all and not cheap either. But they do have a huge variety of candies. —AmyYang

2007-10-16 16:50:35   we don't use canned pineapple. All of our fruit is fresh and never frozen and we cut the pineapple up ourselves. —socalkristini

2007-10-16 17:06:48   wow...cool, sounds like yogurt land ive been going to over summer in Irvine —KaiWan

2007-11-13 09:23:05   Went here for the first time yesterday for some root bear float flavored yogurt. The yogurt unfortunately did not taste enough like root beer for me, but overall, it was okay. Nothing prize winning. I'll come back and try another flavor sometime. —kthrnngo

2007-11-13 15:08:43   Fair sized portion, good toppings and it didn't leave a bad taste in my mouth for 2 hours like Swirl does. —GrumpyoldGeek

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