Youth Sports


    1. Basketball
    2. Bowling
    3. Climbing
    4. Events
    5. Fencing
    6. Football / Cheer
    7. Gymnastics
    8. Hockey
    9. Horseback Riding
    10. Lacrosse
    11. Little League Baseball
    12. Martial Arts and Self Defense
    13. Soccer
    14. Softball
    15. Swimming
      1. Swim Lessons
      2. Swim Teams
    16. Tennis
    17. Volleyball
    18. Water Polo



The MU Games Area hosts Youth Bowling Leagues for three different age groups. The "Pee Wees" league for 3 - 7 year olds uses bumpers. The "Bantams" league is for ages 8 - 11, and the "Juniors" league is for ages 11 - 18. Information about the leagues will eventually be posted on the [WWW]MU Games Area Website. Call the MU Games Area at 530-752-2580 for information about the Fall 2006 youth leagues.
The Games Area also offer Summer Youth Bowling Camps. These are week long camps for kids ages 8-14. More information and the registration form can be found on their website.


Rocknasium offers four different programs specifically for kids. The Junior Climbing Team meets throughout the year and is a good way for kids to get introduced to the sport. Kids who are more experienced climbers and those who have "graduated" from the Junior Climbing Team can join Team Rocknasium. There are also summer camps for all levels of climbers. During the school year, Rocknasium offers special sessions for home schoolers. See Rocknasium's [WWW]Kids Programs Page for more information.



Davis Fencing Academy offers group classes for ages 8 and up.

Football / Cheer

The [WWW]Davis Junior Blue Devils provides kids ages 7 - 14 with the opportunity to participate in football and cheerleading.


Two places in Davis offers Gymnastics classes for kids. The [WWW]City of Davis Gymnastics Program offers several gymnastics classes for kids as young as 20 months on up to 18 years of age. Davis Diamonds Gymnastics also offers a wide range of classes for kids, from toddlers through teenagers.

Please see Gymnastics for information about Gymnastics classes offered in nearby cities.


The Davis In-line Hockey Association offers a recreational in-line hockey program for kids ages 4 - 18.

Horseback Riding

See Horses


The [WWW]Davis Lacrosse Association offers youth lacrosse for boys and girls in grades 3 to 12.

Little League Baseball

See Little League

Martial Arts and Self Defense

See Self Defense


Well over 2,000 kids play organized soccer in Davis every year, which is remarkable when you consider that there are only about 8,600 school-age kids in Davis. The vast majority of these kids play recreational soccer through AYSO, which is a volunteer-run nonprofit that offers soccer leagues for kids ages 4 through 18. Davis also has a "club" soccer team, called Davis Legacy (a.k.a. Davis Youth Soccer League, that provides a more competitive experience for experienced players. There is even enough interest to support several summer soccer camps and at least two small businesses that offer soccer classes for kids as young as 2 years of age.

* Ages 4+ : Goalgetters Indoor Soccer at Davis Athletic Club. Indoor soccer clinics for boys and girls. There is a very nice viewing area for parents up on the second floor with a large glass (or plexiglass?) wall that affords excellent views of nearly the entire field. The wall doesn't extend all they way up to the ceiling, so you can also hear what's going on down on the field.
* Ages 4 - 18: AYSO Recreational soccer for boys and girls.


The [WWW]Davis Youth Softball Association offers fast pitch softball for girls under 14.


Swimming lessons for kids are offered through the City of Davis, UC Davis, and through the SwimAmerica Davis Swim School. Davis also has two swim teams, the Aquadarts and the Aquamonsters.

Swim Lessons

Swim Teams


* Stonegate Tennis Academy - [WWW]


The [WWW]Davis Volleyball Club offers a junior volleyball program for girls ages 10 - 18.

Water Polo

The [WWW]Davis Water Polo Club offers age group water polo teams for boys and girls.

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