Alcohol, my permanent accessory
Alcohol, a party-time necessity
Alcohol, alternative to feeling like yourself
Oh Alcohol, I still drink to your health

"Alcohol" by The Barenaked Ladies

  1. What Happens When You Drink
  2. Places To Enjoy Alcohol
  3. Sources For Alcohol
  4. Activities
  5. Drinking Holidays
  6. Drinks and recipes
  7. Davis Favorite Beers
  8. Alcohol Awareness and Health
    1. What You Should Do If You Get In Trouble
    2. If You Need Help With Alcohol Addiction
  9. Closing remarks

Alcohol is in beer, wine and liquor, and often just refers to those beverages in general. It can be found in bars and retail locations. In the very distant past, it was found in saloons until banned by law. Up until the early 1980s it was impossible to buy alcohol outside of bars in Davis. For more on this, see Town History. The California Penal Code Section [WWW]172 has some convoluted language about where various forms of alcohol can be sold in geographic relation to universities. In 2002 Davis passed an open container ordinance, banning consumption of alcohol from most public areas.

In January 2012, DPD Police Chief Landy Black proposed an ordinance (Minor Alcohol Preclusion Ordinance.pdf) that would make it illegal for any minor to have a blood alcohol level of 0.01% or greater. This was proposed to fight the "culture of drinking" that some think is spreading across the country, and more specifically in response to the ongoing problems with Picnic Day revelry.

Read on for the scope of tasty and/or intoxicating libations in Davis:

What Happens When You Drink

Alcohol: the solution to and cause of all of life's problems. Love it like your mother and blame it for your problems like you do your father.

Places To Enjoy Alcohol

Sources For Alcohol


Drinking Holidays

Drinks and recipes

Here are some of the definitive drinks in the Davis boozing scene. Consult other [WWW]websites for comprehensive recipe books.

See also: Cocktails

Davis Favorite Beers

Add your favorite beer, so that others might venture forth from the depths of Natty Ice.

Alcohol Awareness and Health

What You Should Do If You Get In Trouble

If You Need Help With Alcohol Addiction

Closing remarks

If the glass is full
drink up, drink up
this may be the last time I see this cup.
If God wanted us sober
he'd knock the glass over
so while its full
we drink up.

-[wikipedia]Jason Webley, "The Drinking Song"

I need alcohol
Because it opens my blood
I need alcohol
because it empties my head
I need alcohol
I need alcohol
I need alcohol
I need alcohol

— Swans, "Alcohol the Seed"

My baby taught me how to be
My baby taught me how to fight
My baby taught me how to die
Alcohol, alcohol, alcohol, alcohol!

My baby taught me how to smoke
My baby taught me how to breathe
My baby taught me how to hide
My baby taught me how to leave
Alcohol, alcohol, alcohol, alcohol!

My baby taught me how to choke
My baby taught me how to eat
My baby taught me how to fuck
My baby taught me how to be
Alcohol, alcohol, alcohol, alcohol!

— Nirvana

Behold the rain which descends from heaven upon our vineyards, there it enters the roots of the vines, to be changed into wine, a constant proof that God loves us, and loves to see us happy. — Benjamin Franklin. Source: Isaacson, Walter. Benjamin Franklin: An American Life. New York: Simon and Schuster, 2003. p.374.


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2005-08-02 16:58:16   What happens if the various police organizations catch you drinking? Is there a super nasty fine that will tap into my alcohol cash flow?!?! —JasonBickford

2005-09-21 09:51:44   "In heaven there is no beer, that's why we drink it here" —RocksandDirt

2005-10-01 09:44:20   This page should have something about the dangers of alcohol, help programs, and maybe warning signs to note. -ES

2005-11-15 23:40:29   Question: How true is it that low-cost alcohol can make you puke or get sicker than costly liquor and when you drink low cost alcohol in excess it terrible hangovers that aren't associated with high price alcohol? Is this 100% true? If so, why exactly? Tannins and such? Besides taste, what's really the difference between the $37 bottle of gin and the $6 bottle? —MichaelGiardina

2006-07-16 15:30:06   Does this mean if I drink water between each alchoholic drink I won't have any adverse affects? —SharlaDaly

2006-10-20 00:56:55   There's a CHEAP place at Travis Air Force Base next to the mini-mall. Most of the prices will be cheaper than stores outside the base, but there are rarely any more expensive because everything is tax-free. There's also a huge selection to choose from :) Of course, you'd need a military ID card to get in..... —RitchieLee

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