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I'd say just make sure each location (e.g. co-op) has a map point on that place's page. That means that this page won't show you all of the points by clicking on the map, but if you are interesting in finding a given place you can just follow the link and then click "Map." The problem with putting a bunch of map points on a single page is that it could clutter up the map (nearby locations when looking at other pages) with bulletin board locations that are on top of places like the co-op. —PhilipNeustrom

2007-08-27 13:10:21   right, that was the plan. Pages similar to this one would be included in the main list of bulletin boards, with each subpage containing a map to that particular board. —jefftolentino

2007-08-27 13:12:16   I mean to say that there's no reason to create a map point for the Davis Food Co-op board because there's a page for the Davis Food Co-op and it has a map on it? —PhilipNeustrom

2007-08-27 13:18:52   I see. There is no way at this point to de-clutter the other markers showing up on the map? I thought this might be good for parts of campus where the board is on one wing of a larger structure(s), such as the memorial union. —jefftolentino

2010-04-19 16:40:00   Useless edit! —WilliamLewis

2010-04-19 17:01:53   I think better mapping functions would be very useful. This page is definitely old, but I was hoping to generate some new ideas for improving how we map things here. I think my main problem here was that everthing mapped within a few hundred feet of this bulletin board on Daviswiki showed up the map. Would be nice to weed out unneeded map points.

On a similar note, it would also be nice to be able to put together maps of similar things in town, (such as red light cameras, bike pumps, bulletin boards, etc.) —jefftolentino

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