To the East of the Old Folks Village
Office Hours
(10:43am - 5:44pm)
Padmé Amidala, Queen
Phone: (530) 669-8008
Types of Units
Pantries, Closets, and Cupboards
Price Range
$120/handy $200/blowy

da METHLAB, more commonly known as "#METHLAB" is the best apartment in all of Davis, duh. All residents collaborate, from idea to product, to create the best family photos ever. All guests enjoy activities such as brunch, movie nights, and playing ouija board.

Features & Amenities

Original artwork Ant traps BRITA water filter
Severed hand/foot Too many Tootsie Rolls Old rotting eggplant
Dishwasher Spongebob blanket Swiffer
iPod radio dock Hella cereal Couches


CENTIPEDE.pngA typical night with the housemates. From Top to Bottom: Norman Borgonia, Derrick Guererro, Acen Datuin, Jon Guo, & Sarah Mae Ann Rosales Rosales-Rosales-Rosales-Rosales-Rosales-Rosales-Rosales-Paras-Rosales

TOGA.pngAn inspired photoshoot on location in Saratoga West entitled "Sarah's Toga is the Best" DINNER.pngOur first housemate dinner where we decided our destined fate for greatness HARDY BOYZ.pngThe cover art of the house band's debut album "Ethnic Folk" by Ethnic Folk. Genre: Ethnic Folk FAMILY TIME.pngA candid shot of the housemates during a typical study session


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