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E-mail, or electronic mail, is a service that allows Internet users (both the human and robotic kind) to exchange messages to one another. E-mail message can be anything from a simple note reminding a university student of an upcoming frat party, or an advertisement promoting cheap Cialis (advertisements through e-mail is called "SPAM").

To benefit from the exchange of e-mail, a person must have an e-mail address. This is usually a username, followed by the "@" symbol (pronounced at), then the domain name where the e-mail address is being hosted. Once someone has an e-mail address, they must have an e-mail account. Generally, when a person gets an e-mail address, they get an e-mail account as well. This account provides an Inbox for e-mail messages to be stored as well as an Outbox for a user's pending e-mails to be sent.

UC Davis students are offered the option to have a UC Davis e-mail account. Some opt out, creating an e-mail account at many free e-mail services. E-mail offers an affordable solution for university students to keep in touch with relatives in other states and countries. E-mail also provides a way for people in different countries to connect with each other.

gmail.jpgGmail's extremely plain and simple homepageFree e-mail services

Premium e-mail

All of the above free e-mail providors (except Gmail) allow their users, and often push them, to purchase upgrades to their e-mail accounts. Some e-mail providors only offer premium e-mail.

Activist e-mail

Student e-mail

UC Davis offers students the ability to obtain a UC Davis e-mail account. UC Davis Email
Tired of going through [WWW]"" to get to your e-mail? Click here: [WWW]"UC Davis G-mail"

UC Davis Listservs

UC Davis students can manage their campus listserv subscriptions by visiting [WWW]this UC Davis Listproc website

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