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Davis residents have several choices for local media. Sometimes even this wiki feels the need to run a Breaking News banner. In addition, a quirky college town like Davis gets national news coverage fairly often. From radio talk shows to magazines, the media loves Davis. However, the best way to get local information and entertainment is to go with one of the many local sources listed here.


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Business Publications

Some businesses show or distribute their publication(s) in their stores.

see also Local Publications

Historical (Davis Based)

And Beyond


Newspapers delivered in Davis


[wikipedia]Television Stations receivable in Davis. The various stations come in as different channels based on which service (dish, cable, over the air) you use.

Davis Based

Note: The following channels are accessible through the given cable channels or channel 99 on ATT U-verse (which leads to a sub-menu of all three). They are currently unavailable through satellite television providers:

Outside Davis

Analog television

Low-power television (LPTV) stations and translators were not yet required to transition to DTV on 2009-06-12. Under the most recent legislative extension, the new deadline for digital transition for these channels is December 31, 2015. The following analog stations (all UHF) can still be received in Davis (as of 2009-09-22): 23, 27, 32, 33, 44, 49, 51.


See Radio Stations


Davis Based

see also Locally Owned Websites

See also: Advertising and Free Community Advertising

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