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What are peoples feelings on the 'new version?' I'm not a fan... but then I like the simplicity of DavisWiki. The new version just seems so fancy....

The mapping is definitly a nice upgrade in my opinion. I've always thought DW, or LW for that matter, needed much better mapping funtionality, especially as a site dedicated to documenting places. Just being able to open the city-wide map and see what has been documented in a nice geographic form is awesome. Being able to draw in bike routes and outline neighborhoods will also be extremely useful, not to mention the multitude of other applications. Its was a good addition and worth the work alone on the PN's end. -JT

I like the new features, but I would prefer a smaller font. —ScottMeehleib

Are the various UI details easily customizable? Would there be a way to show either demos or just screenshots of various options (like font size) so the community can give input on the details? —TomGarberson

I like the mapping as well but it looks so....sterile. —PeteB

I agree that, in its current form, the new version is aesthetically displeasing. —cp

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