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    1. Bob Dunning
    2. Jack Armstrong
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Radio Stations in Davis


KDVS is a local student and community based FM radio station, based out of UCD.


KDRT, is a local community based, low-power FM station, based in Davis.

Radio Hosts in Davis

Bob Dunning

Bob Dunning hosts two radio shows on local and satellite radio.

Jack Armstrong

Jack Armstrong co-hosts "Armstrong and Getty", the number one morning radio show in Northern California, and one of the top morning shows in the country. "Jack Armstrong" is not his real name, and he lives in Davis under his real name.

Radio heard in Davis


The local Arbitron ratings region is for Sacramento, which is ranked number 26 in the nation. Current ratings [WWW]can be found here, just select "Sacramento" from the drop down menu. KFBK has traditionally been highest rated, pulling in over a point and a half above number two.

FM Broadcast Radio Stations

88.1MHz KEDR/KEAR (Sacramento) - Christian.
88.9MHz [WWW]KXPR (Sacramento) - Classical Music (an extension of Capital Public Radio). Has an [WWW]internet stream.
89.3MHz KQEI (Sacramento) - NPR, same as KQED in the Bay Area. A sister station of Bay Area based [WWW]KQED public radio. Broadcasts many [WWW]NPR programs.
89.5MHz KVMR (Nevada City) - Listener-supported radio. Decent reception in Davis.
90.3MHz KDVS (Davis) - Student and Community run. Funded by listener support and ASUCD.
90.9MHz KXJZ (Sacramento) - Capitol Public Radio (NPR). Broadcast from CSUS. Jazz in the evenings. Has an [WWW]internet stream.
92.1MHz [WWW]KXCL (Sacramento) - "KHits". Sacramento's Cool Oldies. Formerly known as 92.1 the "Flash" (80's music)
92.5MHz [WWW]KGBY (Sacramento) - "Y92.5" Adult Contemporary and soft rock; during the month of December broadcasts Holiday tunes evenings/weekends. Nonstop. They stream too.
93.7MHz KQJK (Sacramento) - "Jack" The former Sacramento home of Howard Stern, when it was called KHWD. Eclectic, everything from 60s to contemporary (including disco).
94.3MHz KFSF (?) - "Magia". Spanish adult contemporary.
94.7MHz [WWW]KKDO (Sacramento) - 'RADIO 94.7" Alternative rock. Kind of like the old KWOD, only without DJs.
95.3MHz [WWW]KUIC (Vacaville) - "Your Hometown Station" Adult Contemporary with a "hometown" feel. Sister-station is KKIQ 101.7 MHz in the Bay Area.
95.7MHz KDRT (Davis) - 100 watt LP-FM community based radio station.
96.1MHz KYMX (Sacramento) - "The Mix 96". soft rock. 50,000 watt.
96.9MHz [WWW]KSEG (Sacramento) - "The Eagle". Classic rock, with [WWW]Mark & Brian in the mornings.
97.9MHz KTTA (Esparto) - "Buena 97.9". Spanish.
98.5MHz KRXQ (Sacramento) - "98 Rock". Hard rock.
99.7MHz K259AP (Davis) - Broadcast relay station for KXPR 88.9 FM (extension of Capital Public Radio, operated by CSUS).
100.5MHz KZZO (Sacramento) - "The Zone" - Adult Contemporary Music.
101.1MHz KHYL (Sacramento) - "V101.1" R&B and rhythmic oldies
101.5MHz KMJE Commercial radio based in Gridley?
101.9MHz [WWW]KCCL (Sacramento) - 101.9 "The Wolf". Country.
102.5MHz KSFM (Woodland) - Hip-hop, rap, R&B, top-40.
103.5MHz [WWW]KBMB (Sacramento) - "The Bomb". Hip-hop and R&B.
105.5MHz KKSF (Sacramento) - Bay area based smooth jazz.
104.3MHz KXSE (Sacramento) - "Super Estrella". Spanish.
105.1MHz [WWW]KNCI (Sacramento) - "New Country". Country music.
105.5MHz KTKZ (Dunnigan) - ?
106.1MHz KCFA (Arnold) - Spanish.
106.5MHz KWOD (Sacramento) - Alternative Rock.
107.3MHz KSTN (Stockton) - Spanish.
107.9MHz KDND (Sacramento) - "The End". Pop music.

AM Broadcast Radio Stations

650kHz KSTE (Sacramento) - Talk in the morning, conservative talk in the afternoon and freakish stories of UFOs and Shadowpeople at night. Much less conservative talk radio in the morning, sister of KFBK. Has an [WWW]internet stream.
810kHz KGO (San Francisco) - Liberal and very old. Ray Taliaferro, Bernie Ward, Karel, Dr. Bill Wattenburg, and a diverse host of other talk show hosts invite you to call in and make fools of yourselves.
910kHz [WWW]KNEW (San Francisco) - Conservative talk radio. Airs Jeff Katz, Nancy Grace, Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly, and Michael Savage, among others.
1140kHz [WWW]KHTK (Sacramento) - Home of The Kings (yes, that's really what HTK stands for). Lots of sports talk, sports coverage, and Sacramento Kings games.
1240kHz KSAC (Sacramento) - "Talk City". Progressive talk radio.
1320kHz ESPN (Sacramento) - ESPN. Used to be KCTC, Progressive talk radio. Air America Affiliate
1380kHz KTKZ (Davis) - Conservative talk. Fox.
1530kHz KFBK (Sacramento) - News and traffic plus financial talk most of the day. The Sacramento home station to ex-Sacramentan Rush Limbaugh who originated his show in Sacramento. [WWW]Tom Sullivan from 12:00 to 3:00, Tom also has a podcast on iTunes. Conservative talk (Rush Limbaugh, etc). Has an [WWW]internet stream.

FM-HD Broadcast Radio Stations

88.9 KXPR-HD1 Classical
89.3 KQEI-HD1 News/Talk/Info
89.5 KVMR-HD1 Variety
90.9 KXJZ-HD1 Jazz/News
92.5 KGBY-HD1 AC
92.5-2 KGBY-HD2 Oldies 60's and 70's
93.7* KQJK-HD1 Adult Hits
93.7-2* KQJK-HD2 All New Rock
96.1* KYMX-HD1 AC
96.1-2* KYMX-HD2 Oldies 50's and 60's
96.9 KSEG-HD1 Classic Rock
96.9-2 KSEG-HD2 Deep Rock Tracks
98.5-2 KRXQ-HD2 Live Rock
99.9 KRCX-HD1 Spanish/Variety
100.5* KZZO-HD1 Hot AC
100.5-2* KZZO-HD2 Adult Alternative (AAA)
101.1 KHYL-HD1 Rhymc/Oldes
101.1-2 KHYL-HD2 Urban Ballads And Love Songs
102.5 KSFM-HD1 Rhymc/CHR
102.5-2* KSFM-HD2 Xtreme Hip-Hop
103.5 KBMB-HD1 Rhymc/CHR
104.3 KXSE-HD1 Spanish AC
105.1* KNCI-HD1 Country
105.1-2* KNCI-HD2 All New Country
106.5 KWOD-HD1 Alternative
106.5-2 KWOD-HD2 Blues
107.9 KDND-HD1 CHR
107.9-2 KDND-HD2 Comedy

* Coming Soon (As of May 2007)

AM-HD Broadcast Radio Stations

1470 KIID-HD Folk

Other Sources of Radio Transmissions

There are also many Amateur Radio Users in Davis.

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