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Davis Dinning Picks:
Froggy's -> Cajun Spiced Burger
Habit Burger -> Ahi Sandwich
Red 88 Noodle Bar -> Duck Egg Noodle Soup
Devere's -> Chicken Chipotle Mayo Sandwich
Sam's Mediterranean Cuisine -> Chicken Shawarma
Cindy's -> Country Breakfast (with gravy)
Delta of Venus -> Dill Tuna Sandwich
Paesanos -> Pork Fusili


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2013-03-12 23:12:59   Done any fishing recently? —MikeyCrews

2013-03-13 09:03:54   Putah Creek's bass bite is up. Caught this guy the other day.

2013-03-13 17:04:28   nice! Any stretch of water in particular you recommend? —MikeyCrews

2013-03-14 00:30:20   Old Davis Road has been doing well for me. I think the stretch between it and the railroad bridge might be good too.

2013-05-06 16:04:38   Do you know if it would be illegal to catch bass or sunfish or whatever in Putah Creek and trasnplant them to Stonegate lake? There's a ton of carp and catfish in Stonegate but it would be more awesome if there was more a more sporting fish....IDK though, maybe the temp gets too high or 02 content gets too low in a pond like stonegate. —MikeyCrews

2013-05-07 23:51:35   Email me at caoverstreet at sbcglobal dot net —CarlosOverstreet

2013-05-31 23:23:06   It turns out there already were bass and sunfish in Stonegate Lake. Also, I saw a largish fox tonight just outside of campus near the 80-113 interchange. I'm thinking it was a gray fox, but am not 100% sure and I don't have pict. —MikeyCrews

2013-09-18 21:18:02   what up C to the O holding it down in yoohoo town eh? —StevenDaubert

2013-09-18 21:20:47   Woo! Nice new entry! Although it is technically Yoo-hoo, not yoohoo. Or Yahoo. —JabberWokky

2013-09-18 21:21:07   It's been ages since I've updated anything on the wiki. Figured I might as well put it to use for a favorite drink of mine. —CarlosOverstreet

2013-09-18 21:26:20   yeah the wok is right it has that - the person who put me up on yoo-hoo passed away but I hit it up every now and then. —StevenDaubert

2013-09-18 22:59:45   Aight. Changed it. JW, where are you now? You back in Davis? Thanks for adding locations Steven. I was planning on going around to the different Convenience stores at some point and cataloging who sells Yoo-hoo. —CarlosOverstreet

2013-09-19 14:05:49   I was seriously wondering about that assertion. Either it is easier for some people who are lactose intolerant, or it was somebody who thought Yoo-hoo isn't made from milk. —JabberWokky

2014-03-02 21:52:13   I agree with you on Krush. They're charging more than B and B prices for McDonald's quality food. I actually liked the fish and chips over the crab slider (it reminded me of the McFish), but the beef sliders were pretty ordinary and the short rib slider was basically all bun. The short rib sliders from Tako in Sac have been pretty good so hopefully the new Davis location delivers.

BTW, I've caught a couple large carp dragging plastics on the bottom of Stonegate Lake recently. They're not the most aggressive fighters, but they can pull around a canoe! —MikeyCrews

2014-03-26 21:52:57   Sounds good. I've not tried Tako yet. I'll have to hit them up soon. That's awesome about the carp. What pound line are you using? Do you have a species list for stonegate lake? —CarlosOverstreet

2014-03-27 01:26:23   Honestly, I don't know what pound test I'm using. It looks like about 8 or 9 # but it's whatever came on the combo reel/rod I got from big5 for $20. I busted 2 of my fancy backpacking setups on consecutive trips two summers ago and have just been using the crap from big 5 since for my spin fishing (and I kind of like it since I can treat it rough and not get upset when I break it). I've actually been fishing a fair amount in Stonegate the past couple months. Mostly just to get out on the water but I've caught something about 1/2 the time so it keeps it interesting. So far I've caught LargeMouth, Crappie, Channel Cats, and Carp. I've seen some large fish aggressively hitting the surface recently and I'm not sure if they're feeding or trying to knock off parasites. They're long slender and golden colored so I assume they're Channel Cats but it's weird to see them up top. On a side note I've heard accounts from multiple people of gosslings being picked off by fish so there's something pretty sizeable in that pond. —MikeyCrews

2014-03-27 22:03:22   Awesome. What's your record for Stonegate? —CarlosOverstreet

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