Whether you're search for an tastebud adventure or just wanting to buy a bottle in town, you have come to the right place. Stop making wine to get by. Instead visit a local winery or head out to the wine country
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Wine at UCD


Local wineries

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Retail wine in Davis

Hot Mulled Wine

AndrewBanta makes a killer hot wine of sorts, it's like cider and delicious, he should post his secret ways...MichelleAccurso

Ah, correct you are Ms. Accurso. What he makes is called: Hot Mulled Wine. I use a Cabernet Sauvignon. You could buy pre-packaged mulling spices. However, I opt to make my own mulling spices from scratch. Ingredients are as follows:

Put the whole mess in crock-pot and cook on a lower setting for approx. 6 to 8 hours, I spice to taste. I tend to use a bit of purified water, since the wine can become a bit pungent. I recommend adding only half the bottle at first so you don't cook all the alcohol out of the wine.

Other Wines

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