14th Street is a fairly short east-west running street that runs from F Street up to Oak Avenue, at which point it becomes Villanova Drive. Houses and St. James Catholic Church line the south side and North Davis School, Yolo County Library - Mary L. Stephens Branch, Veterans Memorial Building, and Davis Senior High School line the north side. Oddly, the high school and the library have the same address on the West and East sections respectively, so sometimes deliveries to the two libraries are confused.

Technically the bend in the middle between Eureka Avenue and B Street is a dividing point, and west of the bend is West 14th Street, while the road east of the bend is East 14th Street.

Parkside Apartments are at the far east end of 14th (F and 14th), going through Parkside parking lot will take you to H Street where you can access the H Street Bike Tunnel which runs under the Train Tracks and connects H Street with Pinecrest Apartments on J Street. This is an excellent alternative to walking/biking all the way up/down to Covell Boulevard/8th Street to cross the tracks.

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