3DMD: UC Davis 3-D Modeling and Design Club

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Club President
Eric Ashuckian and Nassim Riazi
September 2011

Are you an engineer? An architect? Aspiring artist? Or maybe you just like playing video games? Well we're to help you do that.

3DMD is a dedicated group of students who have a love for 3D Modeling and Design (who knew?) and want to share the knowledge of such programs with other students or really just anyone who wants to learn. We provide online demos and on campus workshops to students as well as online help if its needed. We're all students at UC Davis who love what we do and want to help other students like ourselves get the knowledge they need about programs like these for industry, classes, or just for fun. Through our demos you can learn the many programs we all know and become proficient. Want to build buildings (Revit) or build and test machine parts (Inventor)? Want to design a character (Sketchbook) and see him (or her or it) come to life in 3D (3ds Max or Maya)? We can help you do that; the possibilities are quite nearly endless. We are sponsored by Autodesk (swag!).

To stay updated on on campus events and online demos either follow or subscribe to our blog, shoot us an email with your name and major to be added to our email list, or like us on Facebook.

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact us ucd3dmd@gmail.com. If you have any specific programs you would like to learn or a specific area you need help with shoot us an email and we can either upload a demo tailored to your needs or at least walk you through the problem. For those taking Engineering 4 at UC Davis we hold office hours in the labs as well to provide help.


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