Is the slang name for the 3 concrete tunnels that are ~3 feet wide each and they traverse from East to West. From the Hunt Wesson Plant to the F street drainage ditch. It is near what was popular hangout for the transient population of Davis. There is a path that starts near the little league field, follow the tracks like you were headed to Woodland for ~100 yards starting at overpass.

If you one enter them from the West [which is the only way to do so without trespassing] after ~50 feet the drop for I believe 3 - 9 feet. —STDaubert


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2007-01-12 08:05:26   At what point does documenting something like this cross the line toward advertising an attractive nuisance? —JasonAller

  • Probably the point where I clicked "Save Changes" besides I just wanted it to be on the wiki cause a) I needed the entry so I could submit it to mystery photo, and b) Joggers run past this and some Davisites know of it. —StevenDaubert