Location Hours Payment Methods
903 3rd Street Tuesday - Thursday, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, debit

Phone Friday, 10 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. 12 month lay-a-way
(530) 753-5000 Saturday, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m 12 month special financing available on approved credit
Owner Sunday and Monday Closed  
Frank Acosta Jeweler on site Wed morning  


Website Facebook  
http://3rdstreetjeweler.com https://www.facebook.com/3rdstreetjeweler  
  Services offered  
Ring sizing on gold, Sterling silver, and platinum Stone setting Simple solder on chains
Rhodium Plating Watch batteries & watch repairs on quartz and mechanical movements Pearl Restringing

Custom design pieces

Specialty watch repair on Rolex, Omega, Tag Huer and pocket watches Appraisals by certified Gemologist on select dates
Watch band sizing on most watches   Specialty Repair on costume jewelry

Appraisal Clinic: September 19, 2015

Please call us for an appointment!



3rd Street Jeweler is one of the fine jewelry stores in town. They specialize in custom jewelry and reasonable prices. They carry rings, earrings, necklaces, and a variety of watches and clocks. In addition to their in-store inventory, many other pieces can be ordered. Jewelry repair is also available.

The owner, Frank Acosta, is very approachable, and customer service and repeat business are important to him.

3rd Street Jeweler supports the Yolo County Crisis Nursery every year with a Giving Tree at Christmas.


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2007-04-24 16:45:40   Apparently this place is locally owned by a really great guy. My ex-boyfriend was searching high and low for a ring with a mouse on it after I lost one I found at the whole earth festival, and everywhere he went jewelers wanted to make him a new one with a mold or put a charm on a band - all of which would have cost a lot of money. He finally stopped by 3rd Street Jewelers and the owner worked with him to make me the cutest mouse ring, without charging an arm and a leg and being quite creative! —ChristyMarsden

2007-10-22 23:45:01   My wife and I visited place while looking for wedding bands. Frank, the owner, gave us the 'frank' lowdown on the different metals and gave an overall impression of honesty. We left happy, knowing we weren't ripped off. I would totally go back, heck, even just to say hi to Frank. I don't know what's up with all the musical clocks, though. Maybe they're a niche market. This is the first time I've written on the wiki about anything, and I'm doing it because I want to make sure this place gets the reputation it deserves. Its _SO_ much better that the place with the Nambe stuff—they were real stuffy and stuck up to us. —bartbart

2007-12-12 00:29:04   Frank and his crew are very nice. He sent my watch to his watchmaker, but the watchmaker couldn't fix it (very complicated movement), so he returned it to me without any chargers. Despite that it cost him in shipping and handling. —TT

2008-01-12 23:59:43   Frank is very helpful, and willing to go the extra mile to help. I went there shopping for an engagement ring, and he sat me down and gave me a very helpful lesson on diamonds. I gave him a price range and he ordered several diamonds for me to look at and let me know the very day they arrived. He got me an excellent deal on a very nice diamond that was right in my price range. In contrast, when I inquired at DeLuna about a diamond, they took my phone number and said they would contact me. When they did, the diamonds they showed me were all higher then my price range, and less of a deal then those at 3rd Street Jeweler. So I got the engagement ring at 3rd Street Jeweler, and both I and my fiance are very pleased with it. We will definitely go back there to get our wedding rings. —DJUltomega

2008-01-18 15:29:18   I requested a quote for my wife's anniversary ring, and it took a very long time to receive a call back. The price was also significantly higher than the quote that I received from DJ's in Woodland (who we ended up going to and they were great) for the exact same yellow gold ring with a diamond in the middle. I wouldn't go back there, mostly because I didn't find this place to be anything special. The owner also seemed a little "shady." —DavisMan56

2008-01-20 00:35:01   Beware of this place! I took my great grandfather's watch in for repairs, and the owner somehow lost it. He didn't seem bothered at all by his mistake, and offered a single digit settlement for my loss because the watch was "not worth much" in his opinion. This watch has been in my family for generations, and was absolutely priceless to us, which I made very clear when I dropped it off at this store. I was absolutely horrified by his negligence, and will never go back there. I also have a colleague who had a difficult time with an order that she placed there. Be careful! —Dr.Lindsay

2008-02-02 16:01:10   I didn't have an experience as horrible as Dr. Lindsay's above, but I just wasn't happy with the selection. I'll be honest, I'm a big fan of DeLuna's, but I still thought across-town rivalry would be good. This place just didn't do it for me though. —dlacy

2008-02-14 01:16:10   I can't imagine some of the problems other people claim to have had. I have purchased from Frank for as long as I've been with my wife - for nearly five years he's never steered me wrong. He custom made me a beautiful heart-shaped platinum and diamond ring which I proposed with, and we have since purchased a set of diamond studs, two more rings and a custom wedding band from him. The most refreshing part about working with Frank is that I go in expecting to get a good deal, and I always do. —inarius

2008-03-30 20:30:50   Frank and co worked hard to deliver a product that met our exacting specifications. He went above and beyond, and took the time to fully answer all of out questions. —BrianNeal

2008-05-28 17:51:14   Great service: patient, friendly, and good at helping to keep things within a budget. Frank went out of his way to research a specific stone I wanted and to explain the options. —RebeccaGarabed

2008-06-22 15:59:36   I just wanted to say that I love buying from Frank because he is an honest man who gives great prices on expensive jewelery. He also values my repeat business so much that he let me use one of his pieces for my wedding. My "something borrowed" was a beautiful saltwater pearl necklace with a diamond pendant. When planning a wedding, it's so hard to find a person who's not trying to "take you for everything you're worth." —Adrianna

2008-06-24 13:58:21   I went in to look at rings one Saturday, and even though it was close to closing time Frank gave me his full attention. A few weeks later I went in again with my mother to show her what I had picked out, and Frank was very attentive (I still hadn't bought anything yet). Better still, he offered to clean my mother's wedding band and engagement ring for free while we waited. It was quick, and her jewelry looks better than it has in twenty years. Frank rocks! —SugarPlum

2008-08-23 11:02:39   I went by for a very small purchase (watchband), arriving about half an hour before the posted opening time. Frank let me in early and was as helpful with my purchase as I'd have expected if I were buying something much more expensive. I'll certainly remember that if I am in the market for jewelry in the future... —DataPoint

2008-09-30 11:08:44   My fiancee and I wanted to support a local store instead of sending money elsewhere to an internet store. We visited a number of stores in Sacramento and Davis before settling on 3rd Street. Frank is the main reason. He is very patient, and he doesn't leave you [as many others do] with the feeling that he is trying to push something on you to close a deal. Frank's in-store engagement ring inventory is modest, but if he doesn't have what you want, he will show you catalogs and can order almost anything. As another wiki user said, he is also good at staying within a specified budget. —UCDPhD

2008-11-01 14:27:58   I bought a beautiful gift for my sister here. Frank, the owner was very nice. The staff wrapped the gift and cleaned my wedding set while I waited. —StaceyBlosch

2008-11-14 14:37:08   They are a very good store with excellent Customer Service. We needed a watch repaired, and one of the personnel worked on it immediately. When we were wondering about how much it would be, the man said "To not worry about it", and that "He had time." and did the repair for free. Very nice, and showed us the problem and fixed it while we waited. Their staff are friendly and helpful. I'd definitely go back to them if I was in the market for a watch. —Joker8Baller

2008-11-15 02:40:47   This is the place to go to for watches, rings, or any other jewelery needs. The owner Frank Acosta is down-to-earth and honest, traits typically lost among jewelers. His prices are unbeatable, and in my case he did minor work for free (whereas other jewelers could have gouged upwards of $20). I have never posted on wiki before and am only posting now because his shop is that great. Don't even bother going anywhere else. —erik.

2008-11-18 12:22:19   Frank is the real deal. He is patient and understanding, and the environment is classy yet welcoming (unlike DeLuna's where the bored-looking staff wouldn't give me the time of day when I came in wearing jeans and sneakers). We bought our wedding bands from Frank and were very pleased with the great customer service and reasonable prices. He engraved them for free, and he also did a nice job resetting an heirloom diamond. —SugarPlum

2008-12-21 13:22:43   I was dreading the process of buying jewelry, but I had a really good experience here. They helped me find something I really liked at a price I was happy with. Frank knows his stuff, and I found him and his staff better informed and friendlier than other places I went to. In addition, he had better prices on what appeared to be similar stuff from DeLuna. Hopefully I wont need to use it, but he offers a great guarantee and refund policy. —icefisher

2009-02-28 22:09:57   Theres alot to say about Frank's. I guess the first thing I would say is that Frank's is MOST DEFINATELY the BEST place to buy jewelry. Frank operates his business with the idea that the costumer comes first. To the employees of 3rd Street Jewelers, costumer satisfaction is key; even if you walk out ouf the store empty handed, Frank and his employees want to walk out with a great expreience, in the least. Also, you can always find something to fit your budget, and if what you want isnt in the store then you can sit down and pick it out of a one of the numerous cataloges and order it.... I have to say that my multiple experiences at Franks are much, much better than my one experience at DeLuna's. The best advice that I could give any costumer is walk into Franks with a smile because if you dont, the employees just have to work a little harder at putting one on your face (but they are great at it!!). Always drop by 3rd street Jewelers, no matter the occasion, because you will always find a friendly, patient staff who help you find what you are looking for. —kcwayne

2009-03-06 14:52:21   I recently went shopping here for a locket and had a good experience. I have never been shopping for a quality piece of jewelry before, and the staff was attentive and patiently answered all of my questions even though I was only looking at mid-range pieces (nothing terribly expensive). They didn’t have a great selection of lockets at the time, but they let me look through a number of catalogues and offered to special order a few for me to look at. They offered to do this at no charge, and promised there would not be an obligation to buy if I didn’t like the pieces when they arrived. Luckily, one of the lockets I picked out was perfect. The other locket I wanted to look at did not arrive on time, and Frank included a nice silver chain for free with the locket for my “inconvenience” even though I assured I was happy with the locket that did arrive. While another shop I went to had a better selection of lockets in stock, both stores showed me the same catalogues and can pretty much acquire the same pieces. When I mentioned I had been to a different shop, the staff informed me that they try to beat local prices. Overall, I had a great experience shopping here. —J.Thomas

2009-04-08 13:28:28   While the selection might not be as wide as some stores outside of Davis, I was happy to make a purchase with Frank. Customer service oriented, on-site work done on most all items, fair-pricing and a casual shopping experience all made my first visit here a good one. He will get a shot at my business the next time I'm looking to buy jewelery. —loneshark

2009-05-11 16:06:00   Frank is the bomb. I came in to purchase a mother's ring a year ago. He showed me a number of pieces including some in a catalog and quoted me prices. At the time we weren't comfortable spending a lot of money and I still wasn't excited about what we were looking at. Through out the year I would stop in to say hi and see if he had anything new to look at. He would always happily greet me by name and always with a big smile! He never once pushed me or made me feel like I was wasting his time. This past month my husband and I came in to look at rings again. Frank showed us some new items that he had in silver (less expensive than we looked at before but more affordable and contemporary). I immediately loved and purchased a pair of earrings and ring that he suggested setting our kid's birth stones in. The work ended up being a lot more effort than he thought; he actually had to have the ring handmade (re-casted). It took a bit longer to make but in the end it was beautiful and exactly what I wanted. Frank went the extra mile for me and I will never go anywhere else! —debwestergaard

2009-07-21 07:47:16   Frank is really friendly and helped me find a nice silver chain necklace for a gift. He's very kind to the customers and loves to talk to them- great customer service. As for silver necklaces, I thought the prices were fair. —thisisht

2009-08-06 16:46:42   Recently I had some links removed from a very expensive watch I received as a college grad present at a local watch place. About a month later the watch fell apart! I looked up jewelers in Davis as I didn't want to go back to that other place and came across 3rd Street Jewelers. I went in and explained the situation to who I think was the owner Frank. He took one look at the watch and saw what they had done wrong right away. He took it to his workstation and within minutes fixed my watch! Here's the best part, I asked him how much I owed him and he said NOTHING! This is the kind of customer service I wish I encountered everywhere; he was so friendly. I HIGHLY recommend 3rd Street Jewelers to anyone with watch repair related needs. I browsed around for a minute too and he had some very nice jewelry and even art for sale. —drakeboy

2010-04-05 10:15:50   Im afraid I had an absolutely horrible experience here. I took a ring in for repair that I have owned for 20 years. It was just a silver and opal ring, not worth much to anyone else but it ment the world to me. When I went in I was impressed with how friendly Frank was and he seemed to understand how much the ring ment to me. But when I went in to pick it up I discovered that while heating the ring up to replace the band the opal was burned up as well as most of the design had been melted off the sides. Frank was not nice about the mistake. I really didn't do anything but stand at his counter and cry and he started to yell at me that it was my fault for not telling him it was an opal (but shouldn't a jeweler know an opal?). And he had replaced the opal with some "moonstone" piece of glass that was not 'set' well. When I asked about the design on the side (it had been melted off and then very poorly re-etched/scratched in) he said that nothing had happened to the design and I was making things up. Honestly, do you think Im an idiot that I cant see when a design has been scratched in? He got really angry and upset at me (and surprisingly I was so saddened by the loss of the ring I never even yelled back at him..just cried) that he finally yelled "Well what do you want me to do about it?!?! So I asked him to return the ring back to the way it was as much as possible and I wasn't going to pay for it. He said fine but I had to never come into the store again!!! (as if I would...) When I returned almost 3 weeks later for my ring he had replaced the moonstone with a crap opal and tried to touch-up the bad etchings on the sides. I said fine and took it, I just wanted my ring back. The opal cracked in the first 3 days I had the ring and the replacement shank (the reason I took it in was to have the bottom of the ring thickened because it had cracked) is actually bigger than the rest of the ring...all in all the ring is ruined. But because its not worth much in the real world there isn't anything I can do about it. Frank ruined a ring that I've worn for 20 years, and whats worse is he didn't care and because he felt defensive he took his mistake out on me. —mra

2010-04-10 07:39:19   I ride past this place every time I go to the thrift store. Yesterday I bought a (non functioning) Fossil watch from the Thrift Store for $3. I immediately went across the street to see if they could fix it here. Just as I expected, all it needed was a battery replacement ($10) Everyone was really friendly and the service was very fast! I would definitely recommend this place! —lauraAsmith

2010-04-29 14:37:23   Fast friendly service. They fixed the shoddy job that the guy next to Bistro 33 did for five bucks. I highly recommend this place. —kohutw

2010-05-20 14:25:41   Frank is really nice and so is his mother..Sometimes she works there. He always gives my bf good pricing and is always there to help when we stop by!!! Strongly recommend!! —cherryr

2010-06-24 10:20:43   Excellent service and pricing. And best of all, honest. Unlike the dude next to Bistro 33.

Frank is a gem. I highly recommend this place. —browneyedblues

2010-07-21 00:21:58   I went in to replace the batteries for a couple of watches. I chose this place primarily due to the positive comments here on the wiki. The owner took the watches and immediately went to work on them (no waiting). He brought both back in about five minutes. He replaced the battery in one watch ($10) and informed me that my other watch simply had a battery that wasn't seated properly. He fixed it and charged me nothing, whereas he easily could've made an extra $10 by selling me an unnecessary battery. I appreciate the honesty and will shop here again. —willwallace

2010-08-05 11:26:31   I have been buying jewelry from Frank for about 15 years. He is a good man and extremely kind hearted. The bad experiences Im sure while unpleasant do not present all the aspects of what happened. However, we all have our days when life contributes to our ability to cope. I know that when I faced hardship and could not meet my financial obligations Frank reassured me and although I felt ashamed of my situation he never made me feel like an "account" but a friend. —MarthaFabela

2010-09-20 14:34:26   Great place to go. Very honest and they are very quick on their response times. I took a ring in and it was done a few hours later. I also took a necklace there and it was done a day ahead of when they originally told me. —LeahW

2010-12-09 16:56:57   I had a great experience with Frank today. I was trying to pick out something for my girlfriend for Christmas, and had previously stopped by a different jeweler in Davis. Frank helped me pick out a really nice pair of earrings, and because I told him the max I wanted to spend up front, he brought the price down to what was in my range without me asking. Great service, not too pushy, and a nice guy. Definitely would come here again —LoooongBusRide

2011-01-29 15:17:07   I would definitely hesitate to come here. I recently brought my watch in to have its battery replaced. A few minutes later the person working on it came over and said that one of the pieces was missing (the little part on the side that you use to change the time...). It was definitely not missing when I brought it in. They said they would have the owner look at it. We left to run some errands. When we came back the owner said it was broken. We asked what they could do about it because it was not broken when we brought it to them. The owner immediately became belligerent, accused us of falsely accusing him; treated us very rudely, and refused to do anything about it. He told us that it would cost $70 to repair, and basically accused us of trying to get him to fix it for free. The very friendly man at 'Davis Awards and Watchworks' offered to make the repair for $30, so there is obviously the owner was being not just bellicose, but dishonest also.

I will certainly never be going back. It seems many people have had success here, so if everything goes well, I'm sure it's fine and dandy, but if anything goes wrong, be prepared to be treated extremely rudely and not to have anything done about your watch that they have just broken. —SMan

2011-07-02 00:59:40   I met Frank today, he was a really easygoing guy. Chopped it up with him for a little bit while I was in the shop. He resized my watch bracelet at a very reasonable price. Highly recommended. If you need your watch repaired for any reason, come see Frank. Don't believe these poor watch repair reviews. Frank and I, as WIS's, (look it up if you don't know what it means) know our stuff about watches. He will take care of you. —GrantLim

2012-02-23 13:49:56   Excellent customer service here. My husband and I bought our wedding rings here and Frank and all his staff were very helpful and approachable. We really appreciated that folks wanted to make sure that we were getting what we wanted and not just trying to sell us the most expensive stuff. Frank also custom-made some simple matching necklace and earring sets for my bridesmaids gifts when I couldn't find what I was looking for in the store. When my husband's titanium ring ended up being a bit looser than anticipated (a couple of weeks after the wedding), Frank got him a different size, included the original engraving, and only charged him the cost of shipping. Overall a great experience. —Nerissa

2012-03-13 20:15:05   Went in here today to pick up a ring I had to have fixed (was flattened), and my grandpa's airborne wings and unit ring for WWII that I had cleaned. Not only was it done ahead of the estimate, but even though it was only a $25 dollar job the staff treated me and the task like a $2,500 job. Great service, the wings and unit ring probably looked better than when they were first made and the flattened ring was once again round. Great experience.


2012-05-20 13:01:31   I don't normally take the time to leave feedback on this website, but I've been consistently impressed by this business. I originally came in here to get my fiancee's engagement ring cleaned before I proposed. They provided the service for free. Later I came in here browsing for my own (men's) wedding band, after shopping online and going to DeLuna downtown (way overpriced!). 3rd-street Jeweler was extremely friendly and professional, but without being snobby or overly imposing. I ended up with an incredibly affordable two-tone titanium and 14k yellow gold ring for less than $200, and they gave me an complementary engraving as well. They've got a great selection, nice range of prices, and ideal customer service. Highly recommend. —JamesColligan

2012-10-10 12:18:25   If you value your valuables, do NOT have them serviced here. As mra did (2010-04-05), I had a terrible experience. Frank dented and abraded a custom wedding band during soldering. Potential patrons should consider the fact that 1) he did not notice his mistakes before returning the ring to me (a sign of carelessness and lack of concern) and 2) he denied damaging my ring after explaining to me exactly how he'd damaged it. While he did attempt to buff out his mistakes, he took no responsibility, made no compensatory or conciliatory gestures and was incredibly condescending and defensive. As SMan said (2011-01-29) "if anything goes wrong, be prepared to be treated extremely rudely and not to have anything done about your watch [or ring] that they have just broken [or damaged]." —nfl

2013-04-28 10:34:53   MISLEADING!!! I have an issue with a business that puts on their sign "Since 1988" when clearly, it says on this site Established 2007! I don't get it... Anyways, took my Michael Kors watch that my BF gave me for my bday for an adjustment, they were rude (maybe because the watch wasn't purchased there), there were nicks on my links!! Gonna take my watches to Davis Watch works next time!! —EmmyThill

2013-07-02 23:16:25   I've known Frank for a long time. He has helped my husband and me create beautiful jewelry starting with my engagement ring. Many years later, I still go to Frank for all my jewelry needs. He is an honest person who cares about making his customers happy! —JChapman


2013-07-10 15:15:45   Watch batteries (with the service of installing them) are still $10@. I thought I'd call ahead, let him no there weren't any repairs needed, and he said he wasn't busy. When I came by an hour later, someone had come in to design a wedding ring - well, I had no problem with just dropping my watches off in that circumstance. I got a call back when they were ready. My experience was good. —DougWalter




2016-01-28 20:04:53   I had a horrible experience. I went in to have a bracelet repaired. I commented to the owner that I thought the repair was expensive for the amount of work that was done. He said that he didn't like people questioning his prices, and told me that I didn't have to come back if I didn't like it. I will not be going back. I would rather go to Sacramento or Woodland. What kind of owner doesn't acknowledge his customer's feelings? He could have said that is how much it costs, and discussed it with me. I don't like business owners who are rude. They depend on repeat business, but they won't be getting mine. —davis1979

2016-03-15 20:55:17   I had a strange experience, similar to above. I took my ring and loose diamond in to have the diamond reset. I was ready to leave my ring and diamond with him, but I asked him to write the serial number for the diamond on the claim check (thought it would be a good way to protect both sides). He said he can't do that (Really? There's a microscope sitting right there on the counter--all he had to do was take a look). He got super defensive and said that because I asked that, he didn't even want to do the work. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that he just didn't like me questioning him, and not that he is actually dishonest, but it still struck me as very unprofessional, and a strange way to do business when you're dealing with people's very valuable possessions. It certainly didn't make me trust him more. He says he only does business with people who know and trust him. Interesting business philosophy, as it seems most are interested in gaining the trust of new customers. In contrast, I called another local reputable jeweler who has been in business at least as long, and I asked them the same question about writing down the serial number. Their reply was: "we will do whatever you need to feel comfortable". That's the kind of professionalism I was hoping for. —keocb